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Wire Stripping Pliers

Buy genuine Wire Stripping Pliers at best feasible price on Shakedeal. Shop Wire Stripping Pliers from assorted brands like Eastman, JTC, Ozar, Proskit & Taparia

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Buy Wire Stripping Pliers online at lowest prices in India:

Wire stripping pliers are mainly used for removing the insulation from electric wires to make proper contact. It comes in 2 types, namely manual and automatic. The manual type of wire stripper has an opposing-blades just like the manual scissors.

Factors to consider while choosing the best wire stripping pliers:

Material – The material of the jaw and handle determines the quality and longevity of the strippers. A high-quality rubber or silicone grip provides a comfortable experience and can withstand various heavy-duty projects.

Precision and Accuracy – Some of the significant issues of low-quality strippers are unintentional cuts in your wire while stripping, breaking the stripper off while twisting it to wire a light fixture, etc. Thus, it is good to have a high-quality stripper to have a long-life performance. Also, it is suggested to use a drop of oil frequently to maintain the smooth opening and closing of the tool.

Features – Some of the standard features of wire strippers are a threaded bolt cutting system, crimps for cable ends, serrated jaws for gripping wires, etc. Wire strippers with needle-nose jaws are helpful for hard to reach areas. The spring-loaded handles help the user use the stripper with just one hand while holding the wire with the other.

Comfort – Choosing a comfortable set of strippers with nicely coated handles is better for a long time wiring task. The rubber coating handles are comfortable to use, and the non-slip surface makes them easy to use.

Safety – Non-slip handle is essential for the wire stripping project, especially while removing the wire's jacket. A spring-loaded handle helps to prevent cramping during prolonged performance.

Top-selling wire stripping pliers available online:

Taparia WS 05 - 130 mm 6" Wire Stripping Plier – It is made of high-quality steel and thus highly durable and long-lasting. It offers proper protection from electric shocks as the tool is available with a plastic sleeve handle. This handle provides suitable insulation while working with the live wires. The ergonomic design of the plier makes it comfortable to work with the wire.

Stanley 84-475-22 - 6" / 150 mm Wire Stripper Cutter – It is used to remove the insulation from electrical wires and cut them into desired lengths. The clamps of the plier offer excellent grip strength and are easy to cut the wire. Unique features of the Stanley wire stripper include high durability, an aesthetically appealing look, and laser calibrated cutter for high accuracy.

Proskit 8PK 3161 - 170 mm 7 in 1 Tool – It is a handy tool suitable for stripping, cutting, holding and crimping. It is best suited for home improvement projects. This wire stripping tool provides better control and accurate results. Proskit tool is made up of carbon steel material and has a black oxide finish. Some of its unique features include easy use, sturdy body, smooth operation and high durability.
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Wire Stripping Pliers Price List in India 2022

Best Wire Stripping Pliers Models Price
Taparis WS 06 - 150 mm / 6 Inch, Wire Stripping Plier (Pack of 10 Pcs) 475
Taparia WS 05 - 130 mm 6" Wire Stripping Plier (Pack of 10) 448
Stanley 84-475-22 - 6" / 150 mm Wire Stripper Cutter 668
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