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Buy Welding Gloves online at lowest prices in India

Welding hand gloves are the type of safety gloves used while performing general welding applications. It comes with various features like heat protection, abrasion, vibration resistance and have high dexterity and durability. The welders and cutters need to have protection against the high flame and heat generated during the welding process. Thus, the welding gloves must be resistant to factors like cut, flame, heat or spark. These gloves should be comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Heavy leather welding gloves: It is made from select heavy side leather. It is usually sewn with 100% Kevlar thread. It is suitable for medium to high heat welding application with the temperature range of 300-400 degree Celsius. Some of its features include -
A full sock lining stitched for all fingertips.
It comes in a standard size that has easy donning and doffing.

Mig/Tig Welding gloves: It can withstand lower heat when compared to stick welding, i.e. less than 200 degrees. Mig welding gloves don’t need high dexterity, and Tig welding gloves need tight-fitting and dexterity. By wearing these gloves, the user can hold the rod and welding gun properly. Also, it helps to reduce a welder’s hand fatigue. These gloves are made from thinner and softer leather.

Important factors to consider for welding gloves:

Leather - Premium v/s economical leather. Grain leather has high dexterity
Lining - Jersey v/s thermosock. Full sock v/s 2 piece
Type of thread - Kevlar v/s Polyester
Size - Large v/s extra large
Length - Fingertip to cuff
Welting type - Partial or Full Welted

Tips while using the welding gloves:

The gauntlet cuff provides additional arm protection.
It is suggested to use dry, hole-free insulating gloves.
The oil-free protective garment like leather is comfortable to use.

Our Best-selling Leather Welding Gloves:

ESAB 2001005002 - Heavy Duty Hand Gloves - It protects the hands of welders from welding hazards. It offers extra comfort and can be used for different types of welding. It is made up of high-quality leather with comfort lining.

ESAB 2001005002 - Leather Heavy Duty Hand Gloves - It is made up of self-extinguishing material that offers ultimate protection from hazardous welding radiations. It is equipped with press studs for easy and robust fastening to withstand harsh conditions.

ESAB 2001005001 - Welding Large Hand Gloves - It is made up of chrome leather and has a Kevlar stitch. As it has a thumb style design, it provides a better grip for the welders. It is heat resistant and thus provides improved user safety.

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Welding Gloves Price List in India 2022

Best Welding Gloves Models Price
ESAB 2001005001 - Large Welding Hand Gloves (Pack of 50) 6,336
ESAB 2001005002 - Heavy Duty Hand Gloves (Pack of 50) 7,525
Arcon - Leather Hand Gloves for Tig Welding 262
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This data was last updated on 05/18/2022