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Importance and significance of wall chasers in power tools:

Wall chasers are a specialized power tool used for cutting the narrow grooves in walls. Those are best suited for cutting grooves in concrete, masonry, stone and perfect for carving deep cuts for cable ducts, gas, and heating pipes. These chasers are meant for faster and clean cutting. It is usually powered by an electric motor that helps to drive the pair of abrasive discs similar to that of the angle grinder system.

Benefits of using wall chaser over the grinder:

  1. The speed of operation is twice as high as that of the grinder. The quality tool selection helps the user to save both time and money by delivering the best results of chasing.
  2. The household or industrial vacuum cleaner can be fixed to the machine for removing the dust from working discs.
  3. It can work with a disk of 115-230 mm diameter. Diameter selection depends on the depth of the grooves.

Safety and security measures while using the wall chasers:

  1. There should be an overheat protection point to be considered in the machine that will prevent the engine from overheating by shutting it down during an overload.
  2. The user needs to check the completeness of the tool and the reliability of mounting of the working disks before using the device.
  3. It is not allowed to process materials that emit harmful particles in the environment.
  4. It is recommended for the user to use personal protective equipment like glasses and P2 masks while using the machine.
  5. Also, it is recommended to the user to use the safety headgears to protect the ears from loud noise.
  6. Never to brake the working disc after turning off the engine.

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Wall Chasers Price List in India 2020

Best Wall Chasers Models Price
Dongcheng DZR02 150 - 150mm Wall Chaser 8,203
Dongcheng DZR110 - 110mm Wall Chaser 4,308
King KP 355 - Wall Chaser with 5 blades 11,985
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This data was last updated on 05/30/2020