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Wall Chasers & Slotters

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Wall Chaser is a specialized power tool used for cutting the narrow grooves in the vertical brick blocks for an instance when laying electric cables. It is usually operated with the help of an electric motor that is used to drive the pair of abrasive discs that are placed close to each other. The purpose of using this type of power tools is to cut the slots in solid walls such that the cables and pipes are buried and hidden from sight. You can find the full range of these specialized power tools of different well-known brands such as hitachi wall chaser, emf wall chaser, dewalt wall chaser machine, bosch wall chaser machine, makita wall chaser, ferm wall chaser and many more.

Some of the vital features to be considered while purchasing the power tool:

Speed – To avoid the dust problem, the manual unit generally works fast.

Size – It is available in multiple formats based on the difference in the diameter of the disc used by the device.

Safety – It is usually safer to operate than an angle grinder due to its extra enclosure design.

Design – Ergonomic design makes it handy and convenient to use and operate the device.

Precautions that are to be taken into consideration while using the manual units:

Confirm if the wall that you are planning to cut doesn’t have any existing electrical ducts or wires.

It is always recommended to wear ear protection, goggles, masks as personal protective equipment while operating the device.

Always ensure that the length of the cable wire is sufficiently long enough to avoid the hazard or accident.

While chasing the hard material wall, it is suggested to work on a diagonal to weaken the structure.

Check out all types of specialized power tools available online just at Shakedeal:

You first need to understand the type of chasers based on various factors like cutting depth and width, number of discs, the diameter of the disc, dust removal, etc. Different types available online in India are cordless type device, wall chaser blades, 110v wall chaser, EMF 150 Wall Chaser, 125mm wall chaser, 1800W wall chaser, concrete type device. All this best options you can easily find in order to purchase just at Shakedeal – an online store.

These are classified into two broad categories that are disc based and others. Other category is based on the number of machines that are designed to function as an add-on conventional rotary drills. It usually consists of laying cables, water lines and pipes. It is operated with the help of two diamond shaped discs that are fixed at a nominal distance on the base surface.

Disc machines - Disc based manual units are made up of similar parts as that of the angle grinders machine parts. There are two types of machines – One is consisting of blade assembly to cut the two discs simultaneously with the variable spacers between them as per the users selectable spacing option. Other one is consisting of carriage assembly that helps the user to drag the device over the wall precisely such that the device is cutting the slits as well as facilitating dust extraction.

Dust Extraction – It is the form of dust collector system used to ensure that the quality of the surrounding air is not affected by the dust dispersed during the cutting process. It works as a vacuum that sucks the dust as soon as the dust is generated from the cutting blade of the specialized power tool.

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Shakedeal provides regular discounts and offers for all kinds of industrial products. You can easily find a range of products based on price and types. This platform makes it easy for you to select the products and match them with suitable accessories for better performance with the help of buying guides. You can save a massive amount in your business by going for the bulk purchase option and avail the massive discounts. Few of our best-selling wall chasers and slotters are emf 150 wall chaser, ferm WSM1009 wall slotter, Eastman wall chaser ewc 180, ferm WSM1008 wall slotter, makita sg1250 wall chaser 240v, Bosch gnf 35 ca wall chaser, Dongcheng DZR02-150. So, start selecting your choice of products and buy the best option as per your business requirements. Happy shopping!

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Wall Chasers & Slotters Price List in India 2021

Best Wall Chasers & Slotters Models Price
Ferm WSM1009 - 125 mm, 1700 W Wall Slotter 10,764
Dongcheng DZR-110 - 110 mm, 1400 W Groove Cutter/Wall Chaser 4,343
Makita SG1251J - 125 mm, 1400W Electric Wall Chaser 42,797
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This data was last updated on 11/27/2021