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Vices & Clamps

Purchase quality Vices & Clamps at best price on Shakedeal. Buy Vices & Clamps from various brands like Apex, Insize, JCB, Pahal, De Neers & Everest - shop Vices & Clamps Online and buy at best prices.

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Taparia 1261-4 - 330mm C- Clamp

28 % OFF
Taparia 1264-8 - 565mm C- Clamp

28 % OFF
Taparia 1263-6 - 440mm C- Clamp

28 % OFF
Taparia 1260-3 - 260mm C- Clamp

28 % OFF
Baum 270 - 100 mm Steel Vice Offset

50 % OFF
Jhalani 95 9512 - 305 mm C Clamp

44 % OFF
Apex 729 - 200 mm Chain Pipe Vice

13 % OFF
Taparia PV 02 -105 mm Pipe Vice

28 % OFF
Baum 270 - 125 mm Steel Vice Offset

50 % OFF
Pahal - 100 mm Heavy Duty Pipe Vice

34 % OFF

Buy Vices & Clamps online at lowest prices in India

What are Vices and clamps used for?

Vices and clamps are the type of hand tools that are the devices that are used to hold the materials while they are being worked on or they are used to hold two elements together while the adhesive is applied as there are a different type of vices and clamps based on the shapes, sizes, and strengths. Thus, it is essential for a user to select the appropriate option suitable for essential function or purpose.

Various types of vices and clamps available online at Shakedeal:

G Clamps – The primary purpose of using this type of clamp is to hold wood or metal piece and mostly used in carpentry or welding process.

T Bar Clamps Cramps – It is used to cramp up a large wood or metal piece for quickly applying the glue and other general work. Usually, carpenters and designers prefer to use them.

F Clamp Cramps – It is used for makeshift, and various modifications and attachments are made using glue and screw. It is used to hold together pieces for welding or bolting.

Corner Clamp – It is used to design the frames, repair the window screen, and storm doors.

Parallel Clamp – It is the most preferred choice of toolmakers throughout for its specialty of close and precise holding of unique shape for welding, drilling, etc.

Hand vice – It is well known for a comfortable hold and excellent grip. It is useful for various applications like woodworking, metalworking, jewelling, etc.

Draw vice – It is used for dreaming wire.

Woodworking vice – It is commonly attached to a workbench as a flush on the work piece.

Chain Pipe Vice – It can be easily attached to the end of a pickup and also bolted to a tripod stand for the further application.

Baby vices, Bench vices, hand clamps, c clamp, are few of the other types available for you online.

Wide range of vices and clamps of high-quality brands available online at Shakedeal:

Shakedeal offers you with few of the best brands for vices and clamps those include taparia vice and clamp, stanley vice and clamp, insize vice and clamp, venus vice and clamp, toptul vice and clamp.

Our top-selling vices and clamps consist of Stanley 83-033K max steel c-clamp, Apex 756G-150x100x100 mm C I Vee Blocks Precision Ground with One Clamp, Pahal GC2-2-inch Heavy Duty G Clamp, Taparia c clamp 1260-3, Stanley 83-031K-25mmx30mm Max Steel C-Clamp, Stanley 83-032K - 50mmx33mm Max Steel C-Clamp.

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Wide collection of best quality Vices & Clamps online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Vices & Clamps Price List in India 2021

Best Vices & Clamps Models Price
Baum 218 - 150 mm Cast Iron Fixed Bench Vice 1,595
Baum 218 - 4/100 mm Cast Iron Fixed Bench Vice 919
Taparia 1259-2 - 200mm C- Clamp (2 Pieces) 410
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