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Traffic Safety

Shop Standard Traffic Safety online on Shakedeal. Purchase Traffic Safety from various brands available like Aktion, Proskit, Sai Safety& Toptul - shop Traffic Safety Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Traffic Safety online at lowest prices in India:

Traffic Safety Equipment is the form of road safety equipment. It is the preventive measure taken to prevent road users from severe accidents and serious injuries. These road users are pedestrians, motorcyclists, vehicle passengers, public transporters, etc. There are various types of traffic safety equipment based on the application and event.

Various types of traffic safety equipment:

Convex safety mirrors - It helps in delivering a clear and wide-angle view. It is used to provide safety for road users on roads, driveways, or alleys where there is less visibility. They are commonly used as rear and side-view mirror in cars as a security mirror.

Delineator - It is an ideal option for alerting drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, etc. It is used to handle work risks, parking lot, traffic control, resurfacing, etc. It is usually surface mounted with UV protected polymer. It has a high visibility sheeting to improve its visibility.

Safety barriers - It is commonly used to mitigate risk. It may be in the form of a physically restricting passage or soft barriers depending upon the presence of foreign bodies. It is used in an industrial setting in the form of a fence and windows. They are used to protect the corners of fixtures, support columns, exposed pipes, and cables, etc.

Safety studs - It is made up of aluminum material. It is dynamically designed so that it can withstand the maximum load. It is mainly used for accident blackspots, quick turning areas, dark zones, center lane marking, speed breakers, etc.

Speed Breakers - It is also known as speed bumps. Few of its variation includes speed hump, speed table, and speed cushion. They are used to enforce a low-speed limit. Usually, they are made up of sturdy plastic or concrete material. It is highly resistant to severe impacts.

Traffic cones - They are used as a marker placed on the roads or footpaths to redirect traffic safety. It is used to create separation in road construction projects. It ensures easy stacking, transportation, and high visibility. They come in different colors based on the application.

Wall guards - It serves as a visible caution to prevent accidents. It helps in minimizing damage to any accidents that occur. It is an ideal option for parking lots, factory and warehouse interiors, and loading docks.

Wheel Stoppers - It is considered where it is necessary to limit the travel of the vehicle in the parking space. It is used where the pedestrian can be in danger of the parking vehicle. It can be used to prevent vehicles from encroaching over the walkway.

Wind stocks - It is a conical textile tube that looks like a giant sock. It is used as a basic guide to a wind direction and speed or just as a decorative item.

Top brands for traffic safety equipment:

There are various top brands available online for traffic safety products like Aktion, Indiana, Prima, Proskit, and Toptul. Some of our best selling products include -

Aktion AK 976 ABS Cat's Eye Road Stud - It is made up of aluminum material. Highly reflective reflectors are fitted on the stud. It is mostly used for accident blackspots, quick turning areas, dark zones, etc.
Sai Safety SSWW130 - Plastic Yellow Road Stud Lights - It is made up of high-quality plastic material. It has bright reflectors on both sides. It is highly durable and light in weight. Also, it has better visibility in low light conditions.

Traffic Safety Price List in India 2022

Best Traffic Safety Models Price
Indiana ISE/CNM80/AD - Orange Unbreakable Traffic Convex Mirror 3,865
Indiana ISE/CNM45/AD - Orange Unbreakable Traffic Convex Mirror 1,866
Indiana ISE/WC3000G/AD - Black Heavy Duty Wheel Chock 640
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