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Ensure right traffic control and safety with traffic cones available online:

Traffic cones are the type of safety equipment that is also known as pylons, safety cones, road cones, highway cones, construction cones. They are usually cone-shaped markers placed on roads or footpaths to redirect the traffic safely. The purpose of using this equipment is to create separation while road construction projects are carried on or automobile accidents have occurred or planned event that is known in advance. Another usage is in roadblocks and traffic channeling in certain lanes. It is not suitable for the permanent diversion of traffic. Hexagonal safety cones are the most commonly preferred type amongst users. It is in pylon design that ensures easy stacking, transportation, high visibility, etc.

Traffic management – Traffic cones help to redirect the traffic or show the warning sign s of danger where there is road construction happening. It is also a place where the kids are playing around or for the night time use to increase the visibility and guide the traffic management system. They are easily movable and come in various sizes. It usually comes in a reflective stripes and bright colour to increase visibility during low light and bad weather. As they are used in an open space they are made from fade free and UV resistant materials.

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Types of traffic cones based on colors:

Orange color - It is used to mark temporary traffic zone areas.

Lime green color - It is used near increased pedestrian activities and mark entryways.

Blue color - It is used to mark accessible parking and signal overhead wires.

White color - It is used for valet parking and sponsors display.

Yellow color - It is used for signifying the wet floors for the indoor public near the area.

Red color - It is used to guide indoor machine traffic and block workplace hazards.

Purple color - It is used in sports, parties, and other events.

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