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Tile cutters are best suited for tiling jobs which necessitate making cuts on tiles. Handheld wet tile cutters employ a cutting wheel with a diamond powder coating. Dry cutting through tile cutters generates dust, so water is generally supplied to tile cutters through a hose. While using tile cutters for dry cutting, usage of dust masks is recommended. Tile cutters are meant for touch up and are capable of executing cutting jobs done by table tops. These cutters are also used for specialty cuts on a variety of artificial or manmade tile materials. Due to portability, tile cutters are chosen for all types of jobs where there is a need to secure the tile before starting the process of cutting.

Top Selling Tile Cutter Brands: Cumi, Eibenstock, Dewalt

Best Selling Tile Cutter Models: 1. Dewalt DW862 - 1270W Heavy Duty Tile Cutter, 2. Cumi CTC 150 - 1050 W Tile Cutter, 3. Eibenstock ETC 125 E2 - 125 mm Tile Cutter without Roller and Guard Cap