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Thread Gauges

Shop high grade quality Thread Gauges at best sensible price. Buy Thread Gauges from assorted brands like Kristeel & Master Metrology

Buy Thread Gauges online at lowest prices in India:

Thread gauge is a measuring and layout tool. Measuring and layout tool is used in checking the dimensions, shape, flatness, straightness or roundness of the objects. These tools are also used for measuring the finishing, speed, capacity or precision of the objects. They come in 3 categories, namely electronic, electrical and mechanical instruments. Layout tools are used in laying out workpiece to scribe lines, centre punch, measure lengths, angles and circles. Few of the layout tools include blade, square head, protractor, bevel, etc. Measuring tools include calibration tapes, gauges, dial callipers, detection systems, levels, etc.

High precise thread ring gauges available online:

Thread gauge is also known as a screw gauge or a pitch gauge. It is mainly used to measure the pitch or lead of the screw thread. It is used as a reference tool. It is used to determine the profile of the required thread by their shape and pitch. It is meant for the best approximation measurement to known thread standard.

Types of Thread Plug Gauges:

Unified Inch Thread gauge - It comes in various designs like taperlock in various materials like chrome, steel, carbide and southern style thread ring design.
National pipe thread gauge - It is the general-purpose thread that has both internal and external taper. It is to form a regular type of joint fitting.
Acme thread gauge - It is used for translation motion in machine tools like lead screws, in which rapid movement is required. In the case of screw jacks load to be shared is more.
Profile gauge - It is also known as contour gauge used for recording the cross-sectional shape of the surface. It consists of a set of steel or plastic pins. They are widely used in metalworking and woodworking.
British thread gauge - It is used for joining and sealing pipes. It comes in two types - parallel and taper. The parallel type has a constant diameter along the full length of the thread, whereas taper type thread changes the width along the length of the thread.

Best brands available for thread gauge measuring tool online:

The brands like Kristeel and Master Metrology are some of the trusted brands for thread gauges. Some of our best selling gauges include
Kristeel 1509 - 90, 55, 60 degrees Universal Gauge - It is the universal grinding gauge that can be combined with twist drill grinding gauge, centre gauge.
Master Metrology - 5mm dia, 0.80mm Class 6H Metric Thread Plug Gauge - It is applied by inserting one end into the part first and depending on the result of that test, the other end is tried.
Master Metrology - 8mm dia, 1mm Class 6H Metric Thread Plug Gauge"