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Thickness Gauges

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Mitutoyo 7327 - 1mm Dial Thickness Gauge

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Thickness Gauge is a quality assurance tool used during the anodizing, galvanizing, and zinc coating process. The device is generally used to determine the thickness of the material. It is also used to measure body paint thickness, uniform applied paint coat, reveal repainted spots, determine hidden damages, etc. Specific advanced models can even measure the wall thickness, hardness of metals, plastics and glass. There are different types of thickness gauges with various functions based on the type of application for the gauge.

Different Types of Thickness Gauge:

1. Material Thickness Gauge – It is mainly used for measuring the thickness of all sides of the material. Some of its common types include –

Analog/Mechanical Thickness Gauge is basically used to identify the thickness of leather, textiles, cardboard, rubber, sheet metal, foil, plywood, plastic, etc. This type of gauge is known for high accuracy and resolution.

Digital Thickness Gauge comes with a digital and needle display that shows the digital readout. Digital thickness gauges can quickly measure the thickness of thin products like paper and felt. Its unique features include precise results with high accuracy and reliability, quick and efficient operation, and wide application in various industries.

Pocket-sized Thickness Gauge – It is a smaller version of analog and digital thickness gauge. Users can use it by placing the instrument between their thumb and index finger. The pocket-sized thickness gauge is available in either analog and electronic display.

2. Coating Thickness Gauge – It is used to measure dry film thickness, mainly in the coating industry. This process is used to evaluate a coating’s expected life, product’s appearance and performance, and ensure compliance with a host of International Standards. Coating Thickness Gauge is also known as a paint meter. Few of its typical applications include dry film testing and measuring dry film thickness.

3. Wire and Sheet Metal Thickness Gauges are used to measure the standard thickness of the wire and sheet metal for a specific material. As the gauge number increases, the material thickness decreases.

4. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge measures sound velocity with a given thickness, capable of measuring various materials like steel, copper, aluminium, glass, plastic, resin, and water. It is widely used for thicknesses of glass, wood and plastic and in the industries like corrosion, testing & calibration, etc.

5. Wet Film Thickness Gauge – It is used to measure a liquid coating thickness in the fastest manner. The device measures the thickness immediately after the coating has been applied to the material. This gauge type can measure the thickness of almost all types of organic coatings such as varnishes, lacquers, paints, resins, gel coats, etc. The instrument is mainly used to determine the correct dry coating thickness.

6. Dial Thickness Gauge is used to measure the thickness of a wide range of materials like leather, paperboard, rubber, glass, sheet, metal, films, plywood, and plastics.

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Thickness Gauges Price List in India 2022

Best Thickness Gauges Models Price
Mitutoyo 7301 - 0-10 mm Standard Ceramic Spindle Anvil Thickness Gauges 3,877
Fujitech - High Precision Coating Thickness Gauge 7,422
Mitutoyo 7327 - 1mm Dial Thickness Gauge 6,834
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