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Significance and purpose of using Thermocol in your business:

Thermocol is a type of synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon polymer made from the monomer styrene. It is also known as Polystyrene, which is in solid or foamed form. The general purpose polystyrene is usually clear, hard, and brittle. It is one of the most widely used plastics. The polystyrene is usually used for protective packaging, lids, containers, bottles, trays, and the making of models. It can easily be found to purchase all over India. Also, it is the most reliable and cost-effective product to protect your goods from transit damage. It is exceptionally light in weight and usually white in colour. It acts as an excellent resistant to cold and heat but as it is a petroleum product, it dissolves in any solvent of petroleum.

Know the difference between thermocol and thermopore:

Polystyrene is a kind of plastic that is a hydrocarbon polymer that is made from the monomer styrene. Whereas, thermopore is a type of insulation that is rigid and tough, closed-cell foam made up of pre-expanded polystyrene beads.

Types of Thermocol based upon sizes, shapes, and brands available online just at Shakedeal:

Shakedeal is well known for offering high quality trusted brands to their customers with seamless and secured payment methods after the purchase and huge discounts and offers that you can get at wholesale rates. A few of our associated brands for polystyrene are atc thermocol, regular thermocol, wonder tapes thermocol. The standard types that are present for thermocol sheet online shopping are a 25 mm size sheet, 4-inch size sheet.

Our best-selling products from last few years are wonder tapes 25 mm thermocol sheet, atc - 0.75-inch thermocol, wonder tapes 20mm thermocol. So, start checking out the thermocol sheet price online by visiting Shakedeal – an online store to buy thermocol sheets.

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