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Shop colourful quality Tapesat best price on Shakedeal. Purchase Tapes from various leading brands like Abro, Ajanta, Aktion, Ravi, Scotch & Wonder - shop Tapes Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Tapes online at lowest prices in India

Tapes are the form of binding agents used for sticking one item with others. It has a glueing feature to bind two or more items together. It is done by filling the gaps between 2 surfaces. It is mostly used for repairing damaged thing to give proper shape and design. Tapes come under adhesive category and useful in various industrial and household handcraft tasks.

Different Applications of Tapes:

Tapes are majorly used at homes, commercial manufacturing units and industries. It comes with an adhesive coating that is used for sticking purpose. The adhesive coating is made up of various materials like acrylic, cellophane, foil, rubber, fibreglass, etc. These adhesive tapes are applicable for industrial sectors like packaging, manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, transportation, etc.

Types of Adhesive Tapes:

Duct and cloth tape is used for sealing ducts, covering cables and doing repair work.

Filament and strapping tape is made with fibres and prevents the tape from snapping when pulled off.

Film and masking tapes are used for protecting surfaces and splice paper.

Foam type tapes offer an insulating barrier between surfaces. It helps in dampening the vibration and noise.

Based on material and application:

Double-sided acrylic foam adhesive tape - It is used in place of rivets, bolts, welds and screws. It is easy to apply and strong enough to stick items for a longer duration. It is used attaching glass panels to metal frames, in windows and doors, canopy system, etc. They can permanently bond plastic and metals.

Double-sided adhesive tape - User can use it for both interior and exterior applications. It is widely used for attaching items with a stronger bond. It is used for daily needs like pasting posters, postcards, or notes pasting. It is commonly used for handicrafts and decorative projects of home.

Transfer tape - The pressure-sensitive adhesive is coated over the release liner and then rolled around the support rod. It is a pre-mask used for digital graphics. It transfers vinyl graphics user cut them on a vinyl cutter.

Single side and special tape - It is used for applications like signs, nameplates, decorative items, electrical and electronic sector, etc. It is strong, sticky, firm and waterproof that is preferred for filling the gaps between items.

Our Best-selling Adhesive tape products available online:

Abro - 2 inches, Pack of 3 Masking Tape - It is a transparent tape used to cover the areas where user don't want a paint coverage. It is used to seal the openings and is made up of easily tearable paper.
Prima PCT 01 - 500 meter Fresh Caution Tape - It is a form of vinyl and fabric colour tape used to indicate potential imminent danger. It is highly durable and weighs up to 3 kgs.

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Tapes Price List in India 2022

Best Tapes Models Price
Steel Grip - 6.5 meters Electrical Insulation Tape 271
PRS PRS3292M - 50 mm x 50 meter Flash Breaker Tape (Pack of 2) 1,119
PRS PRS414CM - 150 mm x 25 meter Fibber Glass Cloth Tape 1,332
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