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Synthetic Resin Adhesive

Shop best selling Synthetic Resin Adhesive on Shakedeal. Buy Synthetic Resin Adhesive from leading brands like Fevicol & SH Fevicol - shop Synthetic Resin Adhesive Online and buy at best prices.

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SH Fevicol
SH Fevicol 20 Kg Synthetic Resin Adhesive

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SH Fevicol
SH Fevicol 10 Kg Synthetic Resin Adhesive

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Buy Synthetic Resin Adhesive online at lowest prices in India

These are the type of substances that are applied to one, two, or multiple surfaces to bind or seal together and avoid the separation. It is made up of different chemical composition such as acrylic adhesive, silicone, and rubber adhesives.

Synthetic resin adhesive bonding is also known as chemical joining. It is a form of material that has a property like common plant resins. It is a thick fluid used to fit for solidifying permanently. It is created differently by the esterification of organic compounds, and the most common type of it is an epoxy resin. It is made through polymerization and poly-condensation reactions.

Application of Synthetic Resin Adhesive (fevicol):

It is one of the most common synthetic resin adhesives used for bonding paper, cardboard, thermocol, fabrics, wood, and plywood. Fevicol SH type is used for woodworking and various materials where one of the surfaces to be bonded is porous.

It is also used on surfaces as a protective coating against the contaminants, corrosion, and rust. Potting compounds are added to encapsulate electronic components for protection against environmental and mechanical damage.

Types of synthetic resin adhesives available online at Shakedeal:

Water-Based Adhesive – It is also known as a waterborne adhesive which is typically formulated from either natural polymer or soluble synthetic polymer.

Synthetic Rubber Adhesive – It is the type of resin used for bonding seats and lining of roofs.

Bulbond Adhesive – It is clear one coat adhesive used to bond unvulcanised silicon rubber to various substances such as metal, glass, plastic, and textiles.

Association of Shakedeal with best brands for Synthetic Resin Adhesive:

Few of the well-known brands available online at Shakedeal are fevicol synthetic resin adhesive, boss synthetic resin adhesive, finolex synthetic resin adhesive, the supreme synthetic resin adhesive

Top-selling synthetic resin adhesive products: Fevicol 707 FW-5 kg Rubber and Contact Adhesive, Fevicol foamfix synthetic rubber adhesive 5kg, Fevicol SR 505-1 kg Multipurpose Rubber Based Adhesive, SH Fevicol 125 grams Synthetic Resin Adhesive, SH Fevicol 2Kg synthetic resin adhesive, SH Fevicol 250 grams Synthetic Resin Adhesive. To check the synthetic resin adhesive price online, you can visit our website www.shakedeal.com.

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Wide collection of best quality Synthetic Resin Adhesive online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Synthetic Resin Adhesive Price List in India 2022

Best Synthetic Resin Adhesive Models Price
SH Fevicol 250 grams Synthetic Resin Adhesive 85
Fevicol Fast Tack - 4 kg Water Based Adhesive 1,094
Fevicol FOAMFIX - 5 kg Synthetic Rubber Adhesive 1,362
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