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Switchgear & Fuses

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Buy Switchgear & Fuses online at the lowest prices in India

Switchgear and fuses are the components used in the electric power system. It comprises electrical disconnect switches, fuses and circuit breakers. Thus, it is a collection of circuit protection devices mounted over a common flat panel. It is mainly used to control, protect and isolate various electrical equipment. The switchgear system is directly connected to the supply system. It can be connected to both the high and low voltage side of the power transformer.

Types of Switchgear and fuses available online:

There are 2 types of switchgear, namely Indoor type and Outdoor type.

Indoor type – It is mostly used for medium voltages, and it is also called MV switchgear. It is enclosed in a metal enclosure that is grounded. Metal enclosed and metal-clad are its 2 types. A few of its advantages include reliability, safety, high durability, easy maintenance, and resistance to adverse environmental conditions.
Outdoor type – It is mainly used in an electrical power system in the outdoor substations. It is used for operating generators, transmission lines, power equipment and distribution systems. A few of its advantages include less occupancy area, low insulation cost, less time for construction and commission for the substation.

Essential Features of Switchgear and fuses:

High Reliability – Switchgear is responsible for isolating the system's proper functioning from the faulty part immediately after the fault occurs.

Fast Operation – The switchgear system must get activated as soon as the fault occurs to safeguard the power system's equipment like transformers and various electrical appliances.

Differentiation – It can differentiate between the faulty part and the correct functioning part of the system. It can distinguish both automatically and accurately.

Additional instruments and manual control – It is compatible with various tools like voltmeter, ammeter, etc. Also, it has a feature of manual control on both switching and controlling operation.

Switchgear and fuses protection equipment types:

Air Circuit Breakers – Electronic equipment is mainly used to protect electric circuits from short circuits. It operates at atmospheric pressure in the air. It is used in switching mechanism and for the protection of the electrical system. Some of its advantages include a high-speed facility, suitable for frequent operation, less maintenance, and performance consistency.

Electrical Isolators – It is used for isolation of input and output of the device. It is in the form of a mechanical switching device that is in the open position. It has the primary function of isolating the part of the electrical circuit as per the requirement. It is easy to use as it operates both manually and automatically. Double break, single break and pantograph are the types of electrical isolators. It is widely used in transformer system.

Fuse links and units – It is used to protect switchgear equipment from short circuits in a voltage transformer system. It is in the form of metal wire that melts when overcurrent incidence occurs to stop the current flowing in the circuit. It needs to replaced or rewired based on its status and type. It is an automatic means of removing power from a faulty system.

Circuit Breakers – It is an electrical switch used to protect the electrical circuit from the damage that can occur due to a short circuit or overload. Its primary function is to stop the current flow once the component detects the overflow. Low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage are the circuit breakers based on the voltage range.

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Switchgear & Fuses Price List in India 2022

Best Switchgear & Fuses Models Price
Crabtree DCANCSPA020 - Athena C Series 20A 3kA Chalk White Single Pole Mini MCB (Pack of 12) 2,728
Crabtree DCVNCDPA032 - Verona Series 32A DP 'C' Mini MCB (Pack of 6) 2,911
Crabtree DCVNCSPA025 - Verona Series 25A SP 'C' Mini MCB In White Colour (Pack of 12) 2,965
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