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Switches & Sockets

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Switches and Sockets come in different types as per the need of home or office. Electric sockets are necessary for charging up your devices and come in various styles like 2 pin, 3 pin, 5 pin and the universal type. Switches are an electrical-tools that allows control over the current flow. User can use them both indoors and outdoors. It can be simply an on/off switch or multi-position switch to control the device's speed. They come in various colour, sizes and shapes, e.g. toggles or buttons. They are used in almost every industry like aerospace, automotive, chemical, communication, marine, medical, etc.

Types of Switches and Sockets:

Extension Boards – It is a power strip that acts as a block of electrical sockets. It is attached to the end of a flexible cable that allows multiple devices to charge from a single electrical socket. They are mostly used with audio, video, computer systems and power tools. It also protects against electrical power surges.

Fan regulators – It is similar to a light dimmer. It is used to control the speed of the fan and offer a convenient user experience. It works on the principle of resistance. Electric fan regulators come with a resistor to reduce the ceiling fan's voltage. The electronic fan regulator is smaller in size and operates using a capacitor to lower its voltage.

Lamp Holders – It is a device that mechanically supports and offers an electrical connection for a compatible electric lamp or light. It is used to hold and replace the lamps as and when required. The holder made up of ceramic insulation are high temperature resistant.

Rewireable switches – It is used for distributing power and protecting electrical devices and cables from damage due to fluctuations. It is used in industrial, residential and commercial buildings for electrical fittings.

Socket and Plugs – There are various sockets and plugs based on voltage and current rating, shape, size and connector type. It is a portable type of electrical appliance. It usually comes with a protective cover.

Switch disconnectors – It is used to de-energize the electrical circuit for service or maintenance purpose. It is mainly used for breaking the circuit and generally found in an electrical distribution system. It combines the features of a disconnector and a load switch.

Accessories – It consists of a cord, bell indicator, receptor, charger, module plate, receptacle, etc.

Vital factors of Switches and Sockets:

Construction – The material used for making switch and assembly pattern will help to relate the specific switches or sockets.

Circuit configuration – Number of poles, throws, breaks come under the circuit configuration. Standard config consists of 1 to 4 poles, 1 to 3 throws and single or double breaks.

Mounting type – It is suggested to select proper and compatible mounting to ensure the tool's proper fit and functioning.

Power rating – Power is measured in volt-amps or watts. The power rating term is the maximum power limit that can be handled by the tool during operation.

Voltage rating – It is the maximum level of voltage the switch can handle during operation. If the voltage rating is exceeded, it can result in a short circuit of switch failure.

Current rating – It is generally measured in milliamps or amps. If the current exceeds the rating, then it may result in circuit failure and electric hazards.

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Switches & Sockets Price List in India 2021

Best Switches & Sockets Models Price
Crabtree ACMPLCWV06 - Murano Series Pearl White 6M Glass Cover Plate (Pack of 5) 2,169
Crabtree ACAKCXW163 - Athena Series 6/16A 3 Pin Combined Socket (Pack of 10) 1,746
Crabtree ACTSXXW102 - Thames Series 10A Two Way Switch (Pack of 20) 1,949
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