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Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Electrical installations and systems are oftensubjected to vagaries of voltage fluctuation, and a sudden spike in the voltagecan prove detrimental to the functioning of electrical devices. In worst cases,it can lead to a complete breakdown of the electrical system. Therefore,safeguarding electrical devices from erratic and uncontrolled deviations involtage becomes essential. ServoControlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are designed tominimize the hazards of voltage fluctuation. They are equipped with high-speedelectromechanical regulators. Their high-performance transformer design aids inthe flawless handling of voltage surge in the mains supply.

Some salient features of these voltage stabilizers areas follows:

Zero waveform distortion

High-speed correction capability for stabilizers meantfor three phase

Strict adherence to IS: 9815 specifications.

Usage of digital and solid control state circuitry

Generally, electrical systemshave three types of loading conditions. Condition One: All loads in the electrical system have athree-phase mechanism. Condition Two: A combination of single phase and threephase loads. Condition Three: Electrical system loads have one single phase. Itmakes sense to opt for three-phase stabilizers because it is relatively morebalanced than single and two-phase stabilizers. These servo controlledautomatic voltage stabilizers are widely used in industrial units, residentialcomplexes, hotels, commercial establishments, and air-conditioning plants.

These voltage stabilizers can be paired withaccessories to enhance their performance. Some of the popular accessories are:

Silica Gel Breather

Short Circuit Breather

Single Phase Protection

Some top-selling servo controlled automatic voltagestabilizers are PUREVOLT- 1KVA Input 195 to 280V Single Phase Air Cooled Servo Controlled VoltageStabilizer with UV/OV Cut-off, PUREVOLT- 3KVA Input 240 to 480V Three Phase Air Cooled (Unbalanced Type) ServoControlled Voltage Stabilizer, and PUREVOLT- 45KVA Input 190 to 480V Three Phase Oil Cooled (Unbalanced Type) ServoControlled Voltage Stabilizer.

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