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Shop genuine Sprayers at best price on Shakedeal. Shop Sprayers from various leading brands like Ferm, KisanKraft, Kunfun, Lu Shyong & Makita - shop Sprayers Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Sprayers online at lowest prices in India:

Sprayers are the agricultural and gardening tool type. These agriculture, garden and landscaping tools are highly precise and useful for various skilled tasks to achieve the best results. These toolsets include brush cutters, chain saws, trimmers, lawn mowers, earth augers, blowers and pumps. These tools are standard for farmers and gardeners.

Best quality power sprayers available online:

Sprayers are the device used for spraying the liquid and commonly used for projection of water, weed killers, crop performance material, pest killer, etc. It is mainly used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers on the crops. It is a fully integrated mechanical system and is composed of various parts and components. These include spray nozzle, spray gun, fluid tank, pump, pressure regulator, valve or gasket. It comes with multiple pump designs, construction materials, sizes and performance specifications.

Choose the right agriculture sprayer for your application:

User needs first to check the job type and working condition while getting the sprayer. As there is a wide range of sprayers based on design engineering, equipment choices and operation abilities. The following points are to be taken into account while choosing the sprayer.

Spray area size - As it is directly proportional to the coverage capability and volume capacity.

Sprayer fluid rate - It represents the nozzles output volume

Sprayer fluid pressure - It refers to sprayer nozzle’s output pressure.

What is to be sprayed - Check the spray target like grass, vineyards, orchids, etc.

Spray duration - There is various sprayer operations base on the time frame set for performing the task.

Spray application frequency - It is the regularity or the number of times the spraying tasks are to be done. According to this, there are various sprayers available in the market.

Some of its common uses are field or crop operations, pesticides application, irrigation or fertigation, high-pressure washing or cleaning, etc.

Types of general pump sprayers online:

The general sprayers are usually used for spraying water, plant herbicides, crop fertilizers, pesticides and control chemicals.

Backpack sprayers - They are versatile, low capacity and small transport type of sprayer. They are used for personal mobility and can be carried on the shoulders via straps. They are suitable for working around small spaces like landscape, fencing perimeters, etc.

Spot sprayers - They are suitable for repeat target spray application. They are most common in landowners and small businesses.

ATV Sprayers - They are high transport system used for off-road and difficult terrain areas. It is an ideal option amongst the land and property owners.

UTV Sprayers - It is used for utility vehicle mount for off the road and spray access even in the congested areas. It has large capacity tanks, pumps and good nozzle pressure capabilities. It is used in commercial, agriculture and personal landscaping.

3 point hitch sprayer - It is composed of the fluid storage tank, plumbing, nozzle and folding arms. It is generally used with the tractors and is associated with food plots and commercial applications.

Boom sprayer - It is known for its engineered design, multiple nozzles and its unique performance.

Most trusted brands for agriculture Spray machine online:

There are various leading brands available for sprayers, namely Ferm, KisanKraft, Kunfun, Lu Shyong, Makita, etc. Some of our demanding sprayers include

KisanKraft KK PS1000 - 1 Litre Hand Operated Pressure Sprayer, KisanKraft - 3 ft Straight Agriculture Sprayer Lance and Kunfun KF 19 - 18 litres Battery Sprayer. "

Sprayers Price List in India 2022

Best Sprayers Models Price
Neptune NC 52 Bottom - 1.2 litres, 1.65 kw, 2 Stroke Petrol Garden Sprayer Tiller Cultivator Rotavator 15,178
Kunfun KF 8 - 8 litre Pressure Sprayer 762
KisanKraft FarmBoy FB-P768 - 4 Stroke, 31 cc Petrol Portable Power Sprayer Without Tank 6,724
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