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Spanners & Wrenches

Shop quality Spanners & Wrenches online on Shakedeal. Buy Spanners & Wrenchess from leading brands like Apex, Ambika, ARO, Everest & Groz - shop Spanners & Wrenches Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Spanners & Wrenches online at lowest prices in India:

Spanners and wrenches are the tools used for providing grip and mechanical advantage. It is done by applying the torque to turn the object. It is in the form of rotary fastener, like nuts and bolts for turning the objects. Open-ended spanner and ring spanner are the standard forms of the tool.

Check the best spanner and wrenches available online:

It is used for turning non-fastening devices. It is made up of chrome-plated to resist corrosion. It is easy for cleaning. A wrench is used for turning non-fastening devices. It is typically made up of chromium-vanadium, alloy steels, etc.

Types of spanners and wrenches:

Open-ended spanners - It is double-ended with a different size opening at each end.

Ring spanner - It is a one-piece wrench with an enclosed opening that grips the faces of nut or bolt.

Combination spanner - A double-ended tool with one end to be open and others to be a box end wrench.

Ratcheting ring spanner - It comes in a compact design. Usually, it is made up of vanadium steel. It is entirely hardened and tempered. It helps in easy and quick tightening of the nuts without causing any damage to the user.

Swivel head spanner - It has a socket permanently fixed with the handle. The socket is rotating and has access to the fastener from various angles.

Adjustable spanner - It is an open-end wrench with a movable jaw. It comes in different sizes of fastener heads.

Box spanner - It is an ideal option for turning fastener in congested areas. It is suitable to use in confined spaces.

C spanner - It is a sickle-shaped spanner having a projection at the end of the curve. It is mainly used for turning large narrow nuts.

Types of wrenches:

Chain pipe wrenches - It is the type of device that is used for turning the large pipes with the help of an adjustable chain. This chain encircles the pipe with its end.

Cross rim wrenches - It is used to turn lug nuts on automobile wheels.

Die handle wrench - It is used for turning dies used in threading operation. Such as cutting the male thread such as on the bolt.

Tap wrench - It is a double handled device for turning the square driven taps used in threading operation.

Top-quality brands for spanners and wrenches available online:

There are various high-quality brands for spanners and wrenches such as Apex, Arete, Black and Decker, Eastman, Insize, JCB, Taparia and Venus.
Our best selling products include
Eastman 16mm combination spanner - It is made up of CRV steel. It has a matte finish and heads polished.
Venus 250 mm pipe wrench - It is ISI specified steel hardened and tempered that can withstand high loads with high torques. It has a steel housing."

Spanners & Wrenches Price List in India 2022

Best Spanners & Wrenches Models Price
Taparia 1808 - 6 to 22 mm 8 Pcs Ring Spanner Set 569
Taparia TS 08P - 6 to 22 mm 8 Pcs Tubular Box Spanner Set With 2 Tommy Bars 524
Taparia 1812 - 6 to 32 mm 12 Pcs Ring Spanner Set 1,377
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