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Soldering Irons

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Proskit SI 124B 40 - 40 W Soldering Iron

44 % OFF
Proskit 8PK S120NB - 30 W Soldering Iron

57 % OFF

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Soldering Iron is a form of hand tool used for used to heat the solder with the help of electrical supply at high temperature. The applied temperature should be above the melting point of the metal alloy. This is done to make the solder flow between the work-pieces that are to be joined. The solder is a metal alloy that is made up of tin and lead used for melting with the help of a hot iron. The iron is heated to the high-temperature range and then cool down to create a strong electrical bond.

Significance of soldering iron:

It is a tool made up of an insulated handle and a heated metal iron tip. The tip of the soldering iron must be pointed enough to perform a good soldering job. Even the solder sucker is important in the soldering setup.

Types of soldering iron:

Soldering pencil - It is a very simple tool suitable for DIY projects. It is not recommended for fine soldering projects.

Soldering station - It consists of soldering pencil attached with the power station. The power station is for controlling the temperature on the tip of soldering iron. It is used for soldering of through-hole components and very fine surface mount components.

Soldering system - It is a rework or repair system used in manufacturing units. It consists of several components like soldering iron, hot air gun, de-soldering gun, thermo-tweezers, etc.

Soldering guns - It is suitable where more heat is needed than a tool like soldering irons. It can be used for heavy electrical connections, stained glass assembly or light sheet metal work. Sometimes it comes with a 2 stage trigger to offer a 2 heat setting option.

Top-selling soldering iron available online:

Stanley 69-031B - Soldering Iron - It is used for soldering light gauze wires, thin metals and for hobby work. It reaches work temperature in 12 seconds. It generally comes with 2 soldering tips.

Proskit 8PK 366N G - 205 mm Desoldering Pump - It is made up of ABS plastic material. It comes with double loop airtight design. It has an ergonomic design that is suitable for longer operational needs. It comes with a smart appearance and ideal for one-handed operation. It is easy to clean and simple to disassemble using this tool.

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Soldering Irons Price List in India 2021

Best Soldering Irons Models Price
Stanley 69-031B - 30W Round Pin Soldering Iron 415
Proskit 8PK 031B - 2.0 mm Desoldering Wick (4 Pieces) 302
Proskit SI 124B 40 - 40 W Soldering Iron 1,120
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