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Signs & Boards

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Signs and boards are forms of safety equipment. Safety equipment is used for protecting the workers in the industry from various hazardous situations. Signs and boards are used to draw attention to prevent accidents. It helps in providing general information and directions. It also helps in reminding employees were to use their protective equipment. It signifies the direction for plotting the emergency equipment in hazardous conditions. There are various forms of signs and boards available.

Different types of Signs and Boards:

Danger Signs - It is a type of sign that indicates a potential hazard or condition that requires special attention. It helps to keep workers aware of their surroundings and instruct them to take the proper precaution.
Direction Signs - It is also known as an indication of position sign. It is primarily used to give information about the location of the destination. It is a subset of the informative signs group.
Emergency Signs - It indicates the nearest location of directions to emergency related facilities. E.g. Exits, first aids, safety equipment, etc.
Fire Safety Signs - It is used to mark the location of fire fighting equipment and fire alarm activation points. You can get the location of fire extinguishers, hoses, sprinklers, and exits to guide the people in an evacuation.
First Aid Signs - It is the form of indicator of first aid assistance near the vicinity of the sign. It has a universal symbol of red or white plus sign with white or green background.
Informatory Signs - It is used to inform road users about the routes, destination, and distance. E.g. hospital, first aid post, restaurants, parks, parking lot taxis, parking lot auto rickshaws, etc.
Mandatory Signs - They are the road signs used to set obligations of all traffic rules that are to be followed. A few of the common signs include go straight ahead, turn right, buses only, bicycles only, seat belts required, etc.
Prohibition Signs - It is a safety sign if prohibited can result in the risk of health or safety. They are required to be red in color. They generally use a black safety symbol in a red circle with a diagonal cross through it.