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Shop authentic Sharpeners at best feasible price on Shakedeal. Purchase Sharpeners from assorted brands like Apsara, Artline, Kores, Nataraj & Omega.

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Apsara - Tidy Top Sharpener

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Apsara - Tidy up Sharpener

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Apsara - Absolute Sharpener

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Nataraj - Filly Sharpener

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Apsara - Long Point Sharpener

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Sticker Bazaar
Sticker Bazaar - Barbie Sharpener (8 Pieces)

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Buy Sharpeners online at lowest prices in India

A pencil sharpener is also known as pencil pointer used as a tool for sharpening the pencil. It can be operated manually or using an electric motor. Even the most perfectly made pencil can’t make a mark until it is sharpened well. The high-quality sharpener can effortlessly sculpt pencils to sharp points to make them reliable to write smoothly. It comes with a blade to remove the section of wood and sharpen the lead.

Factors to consider while selecting the pencil sharpener:

Size of the pencil - As pencils come in different shapes and sizes thus it is good to select the appropriate sharpener accordingly.

Shape - Pencils come in different shapes like hexagonal, circular or triangular shapes. SO, select the sharpener that is suitable for a particular shape.

Sharpening angle - It offers varying degrees of sharpening angles. Pencil tips with larger angles can show more lead and let you use the pencil for a longer time. At the same time, tips with smaller angles have a sturdier feature with less lead breakage.

Lead point - It decides the sharp, rounded or blunt tip as per the requirement.

Gentleness - Sharpener that sharp pencil unevenly leads to lead breakage and makes the pencil go in vain. Thus, it is good to have sharp blade sharpener that helps in creating a crisp point.

Compartment for pencil shaving - More compartment will help you save time in emptying the waste instantly after use and allow you to use the other compartment for next use. The compartment free sharpeners are light in weight and a better fit for small pencil cases.

Some of our top selling pencil sharpeners:

Omega 1743 - Super Table Sharpener - It is a superior and durable cutter that gives correctly sharpened leads every single time. It has a large and transparent shaving drawer.

Staedtler 510 10 - Heavy Metal Single Hole Sharpener - It is high-quality sharpener suitable for standard size black lead pencils that is up to 8.2 mm with a sharpening angle of 23 degrees. It is preferred for sharp and clear lines. It has a single metal hole.

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Sharpeners Price List in India 2021

Best Sharpeners Models Price
Apsara - Spaceball Sharpener 1,499
Apsara - Tidy Top Sharpener 446
Apsara - Tidy up Sharpener 893
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