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Buy Screws online at lowest prices in India:

Screws are the form of fasteners. Fasteners are the hardware device that is used for joining two or more objects together mechanically. It is used to join the objects temporarily and can be disjoined without breaking the objects Steel fastener is usually made up of stainless steel, carbon steel or alloy steel. There are various forms of fasteners like nuts, bolts, screws, washers, anchors, connectors, nails, studs, etc. They are used in various sectors like automobiles, air-crafts, appliances, agriculture, machinery, construction, etc.

Screws - Fasteners & Nailing solution available online:

The screw is somewhat similar to bolt. It is made up of metal and has a helical ridge known as a male thread. It is used to fasten material by digging in and wedging into a material when turned out. There are various types of screws available in the market based on the type of material e.g. wood, sheet, metal, plastic, etc.

Types of screws -

Allen Button Head screws: It has a cylindrical head and hexagonal drive hole. It is commonly driven by the Allen wrench or hex key. Mostly it has a clean head with no marking or printing for a clean finished look. It is commonly used in automotive. Electronics and machinery.

Allen cap screws: The basic integrity of the structure is based on the Allen cap screw type. As they hold the various elements of objects and also make sure that the quality, durability, and resistance to corrosion is sustained. In the case of fastening all mechanical parts together, this screw type proves to be an ideal choice.

Allen csk screws: It is similar to the bolts in many ways. It is made up of metals and characterized by the helical ridge. It is also known as a male thread.

Drywall screws: It is used to secure drywall or gypsum board, preventing crumbling or surface distortion. It is designed to secure drywall, wood or metal surface. It has a square drive, pan or flat head style, and a pointed or drilling head. Usually, it is made up of stainless steel and is coated with zinc or other coatings. It comes in various thread sizes and lengths.

Eye screws: The screw with one loop on one end and threads to other ends. It is usually used to attach cables to objects. Like attaching strings to the back of the painting to hand from the nail on the wall.

Machine screws: They are often used as bolts with nuts and also driven into tapped holes. They usually come in a smaller size and are referred to as stove bolts.

Screw heads and caps: They come in a range of styles such as Phillips fillister head or slotted flat head.

Self-drilling screws: It is known for drilling purposes. It can drill a hole and form mating threads in one operation.

Self-tapping screws: It is a screw that can tap its own hole as it is driven into the material. It comes in a wide range of tips and patterns and it is made up of plastic or hard metal.

Most trusted brands for screws:

Fischer and Geartek Fastools are high quality and reliable brands while buying screws.
Fischer 088672 - F 10 M 92 Countersunk Screw and Crossdrive Recess Z 3 - It has a metal frame fixing. It has aluminum zinc plated fixing sleeve that ensures good corrosion resistance.
Fischer 066935 - FBS 6 mm SK Zinc Plated Steel Countersunk Head Concrete Screw - It has a self-tapping concrete screw for push through and prior insertion installation. It is made up of stainless steel material and thus it has resistance to corrosion. It can be reused multiple times and there is a reduction in cost.