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Screwdrivers are one of the popularly used hand tools. They are widely used in screwing and unscrewing screws. A generic screwdriver is composed of a handle which has a shaft ending in a tip. A user puts the tip of the screwdriver on the screw-head for screwing and unscrewing. The shaft is usually made up of sturdy material such as steel to resist bending. Screwdriver handles are usually made up of wood, plastic or rubber. Some manual interchangeable screwdrivers are also used by technicians these days.

Screwdrivers with magnetic tips are used for faster screwing as the user does not necessarily need to exert force. The magnetic force does the job.

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Online marketplaces are awash with a variety of screwdrivers, staring from good-old manual ones to electric and pneumatic ones which come with a clutch that slides at a pre-decided torque. This feature is quite handy. It helps the user in tightening screws to a set torque so that unforeseen damage or over-tightening of screws is avoided.

Newer models of cordless drills, with a clutch, can function as screwdrivers too. The flexibility to use interchangeable bits makes it easy to use powered screwdrivers. Usually, an electric or air motor is used to rotate these bits. Battery-powered drills with torque and speed control are being used widely as power screwdrivers.

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