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Safety Shoes

Safety shoes/Boots are crucial in your everyday working life. Pick top-class safety shoes with the capabilities of steel toe-cap, steel midsole, shock absorption, heat resistant, anti-skid, oil-resistant, and abrasion-resistant and more—all top-selling safety brands like Tiger, JCB Shoes, Bata, Karam, Hillson Etc., Available.

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Karam FS 61 - Steel Toe Safety Shoe

27 % OFF
Hillson - Panther Safety Shoes

31 % OFF
Bighorn BS 11 - PU Safety Shoes

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Hillson - Jaguar Safety Shoes

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Honeywell 9542IN - High Ankle Safety Shoes

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Buy Safety Shoes online in India at best prices

It forms an integral part of the personal protective equipment. There are wide varieties for this type of wears available in the marketplace. Selecting the right footgear for your workers can prove to be a daunting task. Thus, it is necessary to understand the difference between various types of footwear and the hazard protection they can offer so that you can make an informed decision.

Comprehensive Categories of Safety Footwear at Shakedeal:

Safety Boots: Those are resistant to penetration, offer toe protection, and insulation from harsh weather conditions. The type equipped with steel toe caps provide better protection against impact and penetration hazards as compared to composite toe footgear.

PVC type: Polyvinyl Chloride type are widely used in chemical industries because they are capable of protecting against various chemical hazards. Those have a comfortable inner lining which ensures minimal discomfort even when used for extended periods.

Rubber Boots: Those are used mostly by workers who have to work in damp or wet conditions like construction and waste management industries. These are made up of waterproof material and make sure the wearer's feet are warm and dry even in damp and moist conditions.

PU Sole type: These water-resistant types are relatively categorized in lightweight option and are designed to offer protection against abrasion.

TPU Sole type: Those are compact and have Thermoplastic urethane soles. Also, those are known for their durability.

Metatarsal type: It protects the upper part of the feet against impact hazards. Workers wear these toe shoes in the construction and warehousing industry where lifting of heavy objects is required.

Electric Safety Shoes: It protects against electric shocks and sparks.

Slip Resistant type: It is fashioned to offer a better grip and are worn by workers in slippery and slushy work conditions.

Steel Toe Shoes: It is a durable toe shoe that helps the user to protect the feet from falling objects or compression. It usually consists of a midsole plate that protects against punctures from below.

Tiger Safety Shoes meant for ultimate protection from injury or harm

If you are searching for top quality stylishly superior types, they are the safest and best. The makers of these brand have mastered the art of creating competitively priced top quality segment. Tiger safety shoes are designed to offer protection against impact injuries. Their anti-static, oil resistant, water-resistant, and slip resistant ranges are known for their durability and longevity.

Top Selling best brands available online at Shakedeal:

1. Tiger Lorex Steel Toe Safety BootsTiger Lorex Steel Toe Safety Boots It is meant for its robust structure, water resistance, precisely designed with superior quality.

2. Tiger Leopard Steel Toe Safety BootsTiger Leopard Steel Toe Safety Boots are made up of high carbon, anodized rust resistance steel toe with a comfort strip for extra comfort.

3. Allen Copper Safety Shoes – They are both sturdy along with trendy look which comes with the assured quality. They are suitable both at field work as well as casual lifestyle.

4. JCB Safety Shoes – They are designed with high impact resistant to shocks, water resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant, and comfortable.

5. Bata Safety Shoes – They are meant for the great fitting, good looks, and best performance for the job.

6. Karam Safety Shoes – The shoe types consist of a wide range of products that are certified with the highest standards of EN, IS, DGMS, and can be worn in different situations.

7. Stanley safety shoes – It is well known for classic ruggedness, durable reliability with the steel toe and puncture resistant plate that provides necessary protection against various shocks and pointed objects.

8. Acme storm safety shoes – It is oil resistant, comfortable and durable form that offer strong protection against the occupational damage. It is suitable for rigorous industrial usage.

Grab the best deal at excellent offers and discounts on your bulk purchase:

All the trusted brands at a wide range in terms of price and types that you are looking for are available under one roof i.e., Shakedeal an e-commerce platform for an industrial products online shopping in India. Some of our recent most demanding selections are Liberty warrior safety shoes 7198-02, JCB EXCAVATOR - Ankle Boot Safety Shoe, Bata Bora Derby - Low Cut Series Safety Shoes, karam fs 61, Dyke D 2 - Black PVC Safety Shoe.

Shakedeal provides you a convenient and feasible user experience for doing online shopping right from research until the payment process. Buying guides helps you in offering free assistance in selecting the right product most suitable for your business needs. Considering the bulk purchase, it is mostly proving to be advantageous to various types of businesses as you can save both time and money. This will also help you to avoid the shortage in your inventories that could indirectly hamper if the stocks are needed on a timely basis. Festive season discounts and stock clearance sales provide you the offer to get the products at competitive prices. We also have a loyalty and reward program as well that can help you in saving costs in your business.

Wide collection of best quality Safety Shoes online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Shakedeal is known for delivering superior service and buying experience to its customers. Get exclusive prices on all industrial and MRO supplies online. Get the best services from our pan India dealer and distributor network in top cities, including Delhi National Capital Region, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Safety Shoes Price List in India 2020

Best Safety Shoes Models Price
Tiger Lorex - Steel Toe Safety Shoe 809
Liberty Warrior 7198 01 - Steel Toe Black Safety Shoe 1,287
JCB EXCAVATOR - High Ankle Steel Toe Black Safety Shoe 1,474
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