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Safety shoes form an integral part of the personal protective equipment. There are wide varieties of safety boots and shoes available in the marketplace. Selecting the right safety footwear for your workers can prove to be a daunting task. It is necessary to understand the difference between various types of safety footwear and the hazard protection they can offer so that you can make an informed decision.

Categories of Safety Footwear:

Safety Boots: Safety boots are resistant to penetration, offer toe protection and insulation from harsh weather conditions. Boots equipped with steel toe caps provide better protection against impact and penetration hazards as compared to composite toe safety boots.

PVC Safety Shoes: Polyvinyl Chloride safety shoes are widely used in chemical industries because they are capable of protecting against various chemical hazards. These shoes have a comfortable inner lining which ensures minimal discomfort even when used for extended periods.

Rubber Boots: Rubber boots are used mostly by workers who have to work in damp or wet conditions like construction and waste management industries. These boots are made up of waterproof material and make sure wearer's feet are warm and dry even in damp and moist conditions.

PU Sole Shoes: These water-resistant shoes are relatively lightweight and are designed to offer protection against abrasion.

TPU Sole Shoes: These shoes are compact and have Thermoplastic urethane soles. TPU sole shoes are known for their durability.

Metatarsal Shoes: Metatarsal shoes protect the upper part of the feet against impact hazards. These shoes are worn by workers in construction and warehousing industry where lifting of heavy objects is required.

Electric Resistant Shoes: These shoes protect against electric shocks and sparks.

Slip Resistant Shoes: These shoes are fashioned to offer better grip and are worn by workers in slippery and slushy work conditions.

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Top Selling Safety Shoes:

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2. Tiger Leopard Steel Toe Safety Shoe