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Safety Mats

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Safety Mats are the form of pressure-sensitive machine that is used for safeguarding products placed in the industrial marketplace. It is designed to detect the presence of workers or passerby on the mat surface near the hazardous machine. These safety pressure mats are flexible, impact resilient, functional after punctures, highly durable and resistant to rust.

Standard Mats - They are usually made up of durable laminate. They are active over the entire surface except for the narrow border. These electrical safety mats are mostly designed for low voltage control circuits. The mats can be modified with notches, cutouts, angles or holes. They come in various sizes, shapes and colours.

What is industrial safety mat system? - The system comprises of safety controller to provide intelligence to the mat system. It is done by examining the malfunctions due to improper wiring or physical damage. The system has a durable design for withstanding heavy traffic. It has a heavy-duty assembly to resist the impact. On average, the mat can bear around 5-10 pounds of foot pressure for sensor activation. The heavy-duty industrial mats are designed in such a way that they are suitable for all type of harshest industrial environments. The colourful graphics alerts the workers quickly about the dangerous situations with the custom sizes and messages.

Working of safety mat - The industrial safety mat is composed of 2 conductive plates separated by a non-conductive compressible separator. When the worker or passerby walks on the mat, this separator compresses to allow the conductive plates to come together. By this, the control signal is sent to the machine.

Applications of safety mats:It is used in the area where user quickly needs to access the hazardous area without personal risk. Welding stations, stamping machines, hydraulic presses, packaging equipment, etc. With which the mats can be used to detect the passerby people.

Types of safety mats based on safety standards:

NSD Safety mats - It is used in heavy-duty and flexible safety mat system. It is the traditional type of a normally open switch mat. The mat contains two independent control circuits that allow for shut down that can occur due to single failure in one of the circuits.

STTS Safety Mats - It is one of the most durable safety mat systems. It has a hybrid design and meets both domestic and international safety standards. It comes in a compact size and rugged design.

High-Temp Welding Mats - This type of mat is used for harsh environments such as robotic welding and hot forging application. It has irregular cuts, contours, notches or wiring locations to accommodate specific welding cell layouts.