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Safety is non-negotiable for all businesses. It is, therefore, necessary for companies to safeguard their interests against potential hazards and risks. ShakeDeal acknowledges the significance of the safety of enterprise and is home to top quality and fail-safe safety supplies to ensure maximum protection for your facilities and personnel.

Workplace injuries can prove to be fatal. It is, therefore, necessary to undertake necessary precautions to prevent fatalities and injuries at the workplace. ShakeDeal’s online marketplace has all personal protective equipment which is necessary for your workforce so that they can discharge their duties safely. From safety helmets, safety shoes, safety masks, respirators, and fall protection equipment, Shakedeal has all that you need to ensure your workers stay safe and productive. It is necessary to arm your workers with right safety gear which can protect them from hazards specific to your work environment. Hazards and risk vary considerably depending upon the nature of work and industry. Risks associated with a chemical industry are different from the dangers in the construction industry. No matter what your line of business, ShakeDeal’s wide collection of safety equipment can cater to your needs.

Safety Equipment is one of the most essential and critical components of industrial goods, and are required to ensure the safety of personnel in various worksites across different industries. Being one of the largest consumed industrial goods worldwide, and with added emphasis on safety being brought into Indian workplaces, there is a considerable need for providing top quality safety equipment to our industries.

ShakeDeal understands businesses' safety needs and has tied up with top brands such as Karam, Udyogi, Alko Plus, Bata, 3M, etc. to ensure the highest quality of such goods can be procured for business use. ShakeDeal's portfolio of safety products includes Safety Helmets, Safety Shoes, Safety Glasses, Eye Protection, Fall Protection, Hearing Protection, etc.