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Safety Helmets

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Importance and Significance of using Hard Hat in Industrial areas:

It forms an integral part of the personal protective equipment and protects workers from hazards and injuries to the head. The human head is the most important and delicate organ. It, therefore, needs protection against damages arising due to accidents and mishaps. The effects are in the form of blow of a falling object, dry impact of an object in motion, concussions brought by an incident which can result in the tripping of the worker. It is available in different natural patterns, vivid colour and classic design.

Hard Hats: Hard hats are designed to offer protection against ultraviolet sun rays and rain. They have an in-built crown strap to ensure a comfortable fitting for the user.

Protective helmets should possess following properties like:

Resist penetration by objects.

Absorb the shock of a blow.

Be water resistant and slow burning.

User manual with the instruction to use and adjust the headbands.

Types of protective headwear available online at Shakedeal:

There are two types of hard hats: hard hats with a front brim and full brim hard hats. Hard hats are light-weight as compared to other types of headgear.

Grey colour safety helmet – They are resistant to electricity, flammability, and heat. It usually consists of 4 points tectonic harness, flexible comfort chin strap and nape strap.

Safety helmet ratchet type – It is high-density impact resistant PP cap. It is provided with the side slots for fitting face and adjustable chin strap.

The protective measures to be taken while adjusting the headwear on the head:

Make sure that the harness straps crossing the top of head protector adhere closely to the head.

Headband which runs around the head strictly adhere to the forehead and nape of the neck.

It should be adjusted in such a way that even without the use of chin strap the head wear will stay on the head with the proper balance.

Hard hats can be paired with a variety of useful accessories:

Visor: A visor can be used to protect eyes and face against injuries.

Ear protectors: Ear protectors can safeguard ears, especially in construction and manufacturing industries where there is a high probability of getting hurt form stationary protruding objects.

Chinstrap: Chinstrap provide a secure and comfortable grip for hard hats and prevent them from falling off when the wearer has to lean or bend for some task.

Bump Caps: Bump caps look very similar to baseball caps and have a prominent pin lock suspension. Their construction is of polyethylene shell, and these caps offer protection against minor cuts and bruises resulting from a sudden contact into stationary objects.

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Some of the leading names in best brand options associated with us are Udyogi safety helmet, eagle safety helmet, heapro ventra safety helmet, karam safety helmet, 3m safety helmet. Best-selling safety helmets of Shakedeal are karam safety helmet pn 521, karam pn 542 - shelblast safety helmet, karam pn 561 - sheltek safety helmet, alko plus aps-51 - nape-strap safety helmet, Heapro Ventra Ld Pin Lock Type Safety Helmet. Make your choice of safety helmet online shopping from our website www.shakedeal.com

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Q: How often should you replace a safety helmet?
A: Based on legal requirements, the safety helmet should be replaced when damaged. Also, it is suggested to replace the safety helmet after 3 years even if it has not been damaged. It is because the material gets deteriorates over a period of time.

Q: How long do safety helmets last?
A: Usually, the safety helmets can last for up to 3 years if stored and maintained correctly.

Q: What does an orange hard hat mean?
A: An orange hat is the colour code majorly applicable for the road construction sector. It is meant for lifting operatives; banks man signallers, traffic marshals to make it easy for the crane operator to differentiate lifting operatives from others. It is also given to new hires and site visitors.

Q: When should the safety helmets be used?
A: User should use safety helmet in working areas where there is a potential for injury to the head from a falling object, electrical conductors or electric shock.

Q: What is the standard of safety helmet?
A: It is designed to protect the wearer from falling objects. It safeguards the brain from injuries or skull fractures.

Q: How many types of safety helmets are there?
A: There are five types of safety helmets based on specific applications. Bump cap, a safety helmet for general use, high-performance industrial safety helmet, electrician helmet, and forestry helmet.


Safety Helmets Price List in India 2022

Best Safety Helmets Models Price
Karam PN 521 White Ratchet Type Safety Helmet With Plastic Cradle (Pack of 5 Pcs) 1,000
Karam PN 501 - Orange Safety Helmet (Pack of 5) 890
Karam PN 542 - Super Yellow Shelblast Safety Helmet 325
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