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Safety Helmets

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Safety helmets form an integral part of the personal protective equipment and protect workers from hazards and injuries to the head. The human head is the most important and delicate organ. It, therefore, needs protection against injuries arising due to accidents and mishaps.

Hard Hats: Hard hats are designed to offer protection against ultraviolet sun rays and rain. They have an in-built crown strap to ensure a comfortable fitting for the user.

There are two types of hard hats: hard hats with a front brim and full brim hard hats. Hard hats are light-weight as compared to other safety headgear.
Hard hats can be paired with a variety of useful accessories:
Visor: A safety visor can be used to protect eyes and face against injuries.
Ear protectors: Ear protectors can safeguard ears especially in construction and manufacturing industries where there is a high probability of getting hurt form stationary protruding objects.
Headlamp/Flashlight: Hard hats are generally paired up with a mounting device for headlamps or flashlights to ensure better visibility in poor lighting conditions.
Chinstrap: Chinstrap provide a secure and comfortable grip for hard hats and prevent them from falling off when the wearer has to lean or bend for some task.

Bump Caps: Bump caps look very similar to baseball caps and have a prominent pin lock suspension. Their construction is of polyethylene shell, and these caps offer protection against minor cuts and bruises resulting from a sudden contact into stationary objects.

Some of the leading names in safety helmets are Karam, Venus, Mallcom, Prima, and Alko Plus. Prima PSH 01 - Safety Helmet with Nape Fitting, Karam PN 501 - Shelmet Safety Helmet, and Venus Safety C 331 - Red Color ABS Ventilated Plastic Pin Lock Safety Helmet are some of the top-selling safety helmets.