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Safety Goggles

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Venus Safety
Venus Safety G-503-CHC - Safety Goggle

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Venus Safety
Venus Safety G-501-CHC - Safety Goggle

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Importance and significance of Safety Goggles:

Safety goggles are the safety equipment that comes under eye protection. It protects the eyes from particulates, water, chemicals, dirt, etc. It is usually used in chemical laboratories and woodworking projects. It is designed such that the equipment is fitted tight against the face. Using these eye glasses users can be saved from irritation or long-lasting damage to the vision. They are an essential defence against the severe infection that can occur after eye exposure to harmful chemicals or dirt particles.

Types of safety goggles available online at Shakedeal:

For chemical environment there are lab goggles – These type of eyewear is usually used in chemical laboratories where the user might get exposed to the splashes of chemicals. It is made of water-resistant PVC material. Also, it possesses flexible headband for an easily adjustable, comfortable fit.

Anti-fog Safety goggles – It provides a clear vision to the workers those are working in extreme fog condition due to its indirect ventilation and Fog Ban TM lens.

Ventilated safety welding type – These types are PPE that are used by welders for protecting the eyes from intense UV heat, IR rays plus flying debris while welding operation.

Abrasion-resistant type – It is suitable for a wide variety of workers usually coupled with the half mask respirators. It ensures stability for all types of environment. It is generally light in weight.

White and grey safety goggles – It is usually a very lightweight and wide field of vision. It is resistant to scratch and comes with an anti UV coating that ensures the long durability.

Most of the trusted brands associated with us available online at Shakedeal:

3M safety goggles – 3M safety goggles come under versatile type options that protect the eyes from several activities. The range includes abrasion resistant, anti-fog, UV resistant goggles suitable for various activities like drilling, grinding, chipping, etc.

Esab – This brand eyewear includes types for welding, cutting, and brazing purpose. It is also known for high durability.

Honeywell safety goggles – This brand eyewear provides the option of selecting strap material to ensure stability for all types of environment. The design is such it fits the wide variety of workers.

Karam safety goggles – This brand eyewear is well known for full proof eye protection with adjustable fit and two lens options for all range of glasses.

Few of our best-selling branded safety goggles are karam es 008- chemical environment user's choice safety goggle, Honeywell 1011071 - maxx pro anti fog safety goggles, karam safety goggles es005, Esab fg2 - ventilated safety welding goggle, venus safety g-503-chc - safety goggle.

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