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Safety Gloves

Shop protected & tested Safety Gloves online on Shakedeal. Purchase Safety Gloves from wide scope of different bands like Honeywell, Handcare, Sai Safety, Jyot & Mallcom - shop Safety Gloves Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Safety Gloves online at lowest prices in India

Purpose of using safety gloves in industrial areas:

It offers protection against extreme weather conditions and safeguard hands against injuries due to abrasion and friction. It is made up of various materials like rubber, plastic, synthetic gum, latex, etc. Depending upon the different requirements based on size, shape, texture, and uses, there are various types of protective mittens, namely heat resistant, leather type gloves, steel tipped, finger less type, etc.

Types of Industrial Safety Gloves includes:

Disposable type: Disposable muffs are made of latex, nitrile rubber, and vinyl. Professionals in the healthcare space mostly use them to ensure zero contamination and clean hygiene. E.g., Midas 1081 - Green Vinyl Disposable type, and Mallcom L 210B - Multi Utility type

Cut-resistant gloves: Cut-resistant types are made of Latex, Nitrile, or Polyurethane. These are meant to offer protection to wearer's hands from cuts, especially when they are dealing with sharp tools. It is further categorized into metal mesh muff, seamlessly knitted muff, and cut-and-sewn muff. Mallcom E 33G5 - Speciality Cut Resistant, Mallcom KCL - Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves, and Mallcom KCL 15 - Kevlar Cut Resistant types are some favourite cut resistant options.

Heat resistance gloves: These are recommended to use under high temperature conditions that demands handling of hot and sharp objects.

Steel tipped safety gloves: It is made up of metal cuffs that won’t break down or fall apart like plastic cuffs when exposed to water, chemicals or soil.

Welding type: These types are mostly used in mechanical, construction, and welding industries. It is generally made of leather and offer vein protection on the cuff. Mallcolm F 524 - Welder mitten and ESAB 2001005001 - Welding Hand type are some popular welding purpose models.

Fingerless Gloves: It is used when the nature of the job requires a high level of dexterity. Cycling mittens usually are fingerless, and they provide a better grip to cyclists and provide protection against wear and tear.

Anti-vibration type: It is designed to insulate the wearer from vibrations. It is made of thick but soft palm material and offer protection against continuous vibration generated by handheld tools such as grinders.

Cotton hand gloves: Cotton gloves is designed to keep the wearer's hands clean and are used mainly for general purpose applications. These can be worn for extended periods without causing any discomfort to the user. Workers use these type of mittens while doing woodworking and landscaping jobs. Some best-selling cotton canvas types are Midas 3062 RKW - Cotton Canvas muffs, and Midas KN CT NB 600 - 7 Gauge Cotton muffs.

Get the best brand Safety gloves online in India only at Shakedeal:

udyogi cut resistant hand gloves: These types are made up of latex coating across the palm and all around the fingers with seamless ten gauge shells. Also, it is covered with a crinkle rubber coating, knit wrist with a cut level of 4.

Mallcom KCL - Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves – It is a type of heat resistant mitten. It is made up of Dupont kellar technology with 100% inside cotton liner.

Midas 9000 - Nitrile Hand muffs – It is a type of canvas cuff full dip nitrile. It has a smooth finish and is made up of cotton jersey liner. It is useful mostly in construction, glass and sheet metal handling, lumber, and petrochemical industry.

Check out some of our most demanding products namely midas hercules gloves, esab 2001005001 - welding hand gloves, vt - 80 grams white color knitted gloves, handcare - large size household rubber gloves, honeywell electrical gloves class 4. Find safety gloves price online by visiting our website www.shakedeal.com and buy the best safety gloves for your business.

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Q: How many types of safety gloves are there?
A: There are nine types of safety gloves available in the market for working purposes. Cotton gloves, coated fabric gloves, leather gloves, electrical safety gloves, Kevlar gloves, butyl rubber gloves, impact-resistant gloves, puncture-resistant gloves, and aluminized gloves. 

Q: What are electrical safety gloves?
A: They are used during high and low voltage applications to save the workers from shock, burns, fires, and explosions. They are usually made up of natural or synthetic rubber. 

Q: How often should rubber gloves be changed?
A: It is recommended to change the rubber gloves after every 5 years. Thus, the gloves can last for 5 years if stored properly in the original packaging and kept in the right place. 

Q: Do leather gloves conduct electricity?
A: If the leather is not completely dried, it can conduct electricity. The electrical conduction depends on the level of voltage and available current, the distance between the point of application, and the moisture content of the material. Generally, these gloves are considered as non-conductor.

Q: What type of gloves protects your hands from heat and flames?
A: Heat resistant gloves protect your hands from heat and flames.

Safety Gloves Price List in India 2022

Best Safety Gloves Models Price
ESAB 2001005001 - Large Welding Hand Gloves (Pack of 50) 6,336
ESAB 2001005002 - Heavy Duty Hand Gloves (Pack of 50) 7,525
Midas - Pack of 48 Pieces Cotton Hand Gloves 639
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