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Rubber Gloves

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Buy Rubber Gloves online at lowest prices in India

Rubber gloves are one of the types of safety gloves. They are made up of natural or synthetic rubber. It can be supported or unsupported type. It is used for providing protection to wearer’s hand from harmful chemicals or hazardous substances. It is recommended to use rubber gloves while dish-washing to protect the hands from strong detergents or hot water. It is preferred by health professionals while performing the surgical operation.

Electric rubber hand gloves are preferred for their fine finish and seamless stitching. These gloves are shockproof and made up of best grade natural latex. Some of its typical applications include transportation work while installing an elevator and repairing task, maintenance work and electrical supervision, etc.

Rubber gloves for household use:

It is mainly used while washing the dishes. It comes in different design and colour. There are different styles of rubber gloves, namely long cuff gloves, wrist-length gloves, shoulder-length gloves, etc.
It has a high thickness that offers extra protection for all general cleaning tasks. Along with the latex rubber, it can also be made using materials like PVC, Nitrile or neoprene.
These rubber gloves are famous in the foodservice industry to reduce contact with serving food.
The disposable rubber gloves are also used in child daycare centres.

High-quality brands for rubber gloves available online:

Some of our best selling product types include hand-care large size household rubber gloves and electric rubber gloves. EGK, Midas, Honeywell are some of the best brands meant for rubber gloves available on Few of our top-selling rubber gloves include -

EGK - Latex Free Non-Powdered Nitrile Gloves - It has an excellent hand protection feature. It offers chemical resistance against liquid, gases, non-irritants, etc. It has a comfortable fitting and suitable for all professionals. It is applicable for sectors like medical offices, food service industry, arts, crafts, etc.

Honeywell LA132G - Large Nitrile Guard Plus Multipurpose Gloves - The gloves have high elasticity and dexterity due to nitrile material. It offers extra comfort and grip to hands. It is suitable for handling oil, grease, or hydrocarbons.

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Rubber Gloves Price List in India 2021

Best Rubber Gloves Models Price
EGK - Latex Free Non Powdered Nitrile Gloves ( Pack of 100) 713
Midas GL 022 NITRILON SPONGE - 10 inch, Pack of 24 Pairs Nitrile Coated Safety Gloves 904
Midas GL 022 NITRILON FLEX - 9 inch, Pack of 24 Pairs Nitrile Coated Safety Gloves 904
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