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Wood Router and Trimmer


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Routers are designed to cater to a wide range of routing applications. They have an inbuilt variable electronic speed control to ensure constant speed under load. Routers are used to hollow out a specific area in tough materials such as wood and plastic. The machines are widely used in woodworking, cabinetry to be precise, and are usually fastened with the cutting end up in a router table.

Routers are broadly classified into two types: plunge routers and fixed routers. In case of a fixed router, the position of the router bit is constant and can be changed only when the depth is subject to change. A plunge router allows you to pre-set the cut depth and offers you the flexibility to plunge the bit into the cut. For basic home improvement jobs, a plunge router is recommended. Plunge routers have a safety lock trigger to prohibit the tool from starting accidentally. These routers have spindle lock to facilitate the change of cutters.

Top Selling Router Brands: Bosch, Endico, Makita

Best Selling Routers: 1. Josch JRT 12 - 1600W 12mm Router, 2. Ferm PRM1015 - 1300W Precision Router, 3. Endico PARA12FL - 12 mm, 4.8 Kg Wood Working Router

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