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Wood Router and Trimmer

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Buy Wood Router and trimmer online at lowest prices in India

It is designed to cater to a wide range of routing applications. They have an inbuilt variable electronic speed control to ensure constant speed under load. Those are used to hollow out a specific area in tough materials such as timber and plastic. The machines are widely used in cabinetry to be precise, and are usually fastened with the cutting end up in a hand plane table. It is a bit smaller, a lighter version designed specifically for trimming laminates. E.g., With an appropriate jig, it can be used for recessing door hinges and lock face-plates.

Wood Router and trimmer types based on various parameters:

Plunge routers and fixed routers. In the case of a fixed type, the position of the tool bit is constant and can be changed only when the depth is subject to change. A plunge type allows you to pre-set the cut depth and offers you the flexibility to plunge the bit into the cut. For basic home improvement jobs, a plunge type is recommended. Plunge type have a safety lock trigger to prohibit the tool from starting accidentally. These tools have spindle lock to facilitate the change of cutters. Some of the other types of route march are electric router machine, hand routers online, professional router, and precision router.

Top Selling Wood Router and trimmer Brands online in India available at Shakedeal:

Bosch router – Bosch routers are well known for the premium quality, high performance, low maintenance, robust design, and longer useful shelf life.

Endico router – They are famous for performing the finest cuts with an exceptional finish. The power planer is a plunge type that has a fibre body to offer protection to the user.

Makita router- They offer the full range of electric power tool with different power range to provide improved performance. Compact design delivers high precision. It is usually preferred for a slim ergonomically designed body that ensures high comfort and control. It also possesses focus light for guided precision and cutting.

Dewalt router – This brand type is usually made with an ergonomic feature that makes it easy to operate and control the device. Its variable speed feature makes it suitable to use in all speed ranges and types of the bit.

Hitachi router – This brand is a leader in power tools research and development. It offers a professional-grade power tools for a variety of applications including trimming, cutting and drilling.

Best Selling Wood Router and trimmer online in India at Shakedeal:

1. Josch JRT 12 - 1600W 12mm type: These types of tools are popular for efficient cutting in masonry industry. It consists of a heavy-duty motor in built-in a plastic body with a gear assembly made up of solid aluminium alloy casting.

2. Ferm PRM1015 - 1300W Precision RouterThey are comfortable due to soft grips and depth adjustment for precision work. It includes a variable speed control motor along with a dust extraction connection and extra-long power cable.

3. Endico PARA12FL -12 mm, 4.8 Kg hand plane –They weigh approximately 4.8 kg with 1300 W power to operate. The 12mm size has the best no-load speed of 21000 revolutions per minute. They provide optimum power to weight ratio and are handy to use.

A few of our other most demanding products that you can count on are camron cg-mc-cm6 -150 mm marble cutter, Endico router at8 makita 900w plunge router, makita rp2301fc router table, makita rp1800.

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