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Rotary Hammers

Shop strong & tough Rotary Hammers at ideal price on Shakedeal. Buy Rotary Hammers from assorted brands like AEG, Dongcheng, Eastman, Eibenstock, Hikoki & Makita.

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Xtra Power
Xtra Power XPT 433 - 20 mm, Rotary Hammer

36 % OFF
Makita HR2470 - 24mm Rotary Hammer

44 % OFF
Eastman EHD 020C - 20mm Hammer Drill

27 % OFF
Makita HR4002 - 40mm Rotary Hammer

41 % OFF
Dongcheng DZC02-20 - Rotary Hammer

40 % OFF
Ralli Wolf
Ralli Wolf 85220 PLUS - 22 mm Rotary Hammer

16 % OFF

Buy Rotary Hammers online at lowest prices in India.

Rotary hammers are widely used to perform heavy-duty jobs such as chiseling and drilling hard materials. These hammers employ a piston mechanism for drilling sturdy materials. Rotary hammers leverage the electro-pneumatic hammering technology to drill holes in tough materials.For repetitive drilling purposes, rotary hammers are commonly used.

Get all types of rotary hammers at best prices on Shakedeal.

1. 26mm Hammer Drill Machine - These drill machines have two modes of operation; hammer/core drilling and chiseling. Majority of hammer drills come in L shape to facilitate better grip and control over the tool.

2. SDS Plus Rotary Hammer - These hammers have cartridge SDS installed on them and are used mostly for drilling holes with a diameter of 15 mm. SDS max cartridges are used on professional rotary hammers as they can be easily mounted on bores with diameters up to 26mm.

3. Rotary Hammer Drill for Concrete - As their name suggests, these hammer drills are used for drilling holes in concrete. Workers employed in the construction industry use these tools to the fullest.

4. 1500 W Rotary Hammer Drill - These hammers are used to drill holes in brick, mortar, and concrete. Some 1500 W rotary hammer drills can work at variable speed from 0 to 950 revolutions per minute.

Shop popular rotary hammer brands at competitive prices on Shakedeal

1. Hitachi Rotary Hammer Drill

2. Stanley Rotary Hammer

3. Bosch Rotary Hammer

4. Eastman Hammer Drill Machine

Buy top-selling rotary hammers online at Shakedeal

Some popular rotary hammers available in the marketplace are as follows:

1. Eastman Hammer Drill Machine 26mm

2. Stanley 26mm Rotary Hammer 800

3. Bosch GBH 2-22 RE

4. Makita HR2630

5. Hilti TE 2m

6. Hilti TE 500

7. 20 mm Rotary Hammer Drill Machine

8. Bosch GBH 2-28 DV Rotary Hammer Drill 28mm SDS

9. Makita HR 2230

10. Bosch GBH 200 Professional Rotary Hammer - SDS Plus Chuck

Wide collection of best quality Rotary Hammers online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Rotary Hammers Price List in India 2022

Best Rotary Hammers Models Price
Makita MT M8700B - 710W, 22 mm Rotary Hammer with Depth guage and Side Grip 6,209
Ultrafast UF RH226 - 26 mm, 900 W Multifunction Rotary Hammer 3,305
Pro Tools 1026 A - 26 mm, 950 W Rotary Hammer Drill 4,448
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