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PVC Pipes

Buy authentic PVC Pipes at best moderate price on Shakedeal. Purchase PVC Pipes from numerous brands like Finolex & Supreme

Buy PVC Pipes online at lowest prices in India:

PVC pipes come under plumbing tools having various types of pipes and fittings. Plumbing tools comprises of pipe and adjustable wrenches, chain pipe wrenches, vices, basin wrenches, pipe and tube cutter, PVC pipe, etc. In these tools, PVC pipes are used for transportation of drinking water, soil, wastage, sewage and underground drainage in the industrial application. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. The PVC pipe is made up of plastic, and thus it is rigid and a common replacement for the metal pipe. PVC material is a thermoplastic material and thus can be moulded into different forms like the pipe, valves, fittings, etc.

Select the most suitable PVC pipe online:

PVC water pipes are preferred for their strength, durability, easy installation and low cost. It is majorly used for recreational use, cold water system, vent system and drainage system. PVC pipes are usually resistant to hazardous chemical substances. Few of the standard form of PVC pipes are schedule 40, schedule 80, furniture-grade, drain, waste, vent, flex, clear PVC and double contaminant pipe. These pipes are known for leak-proof and good holding capacity. Some of its common range is from 1/8 inch - 24 inches in diameter. All these range and sizes are available online.

Best brands for PVC pipes available online India:

Finolex and Supreme that are pioneer in PVC pipes brands that can be easily found online. These high-quality brands ensure safety, high durability, sustainability and recyclability. This combination of features provides good environmental performance and cost-efficiency. These quality plastic pipes have a high degree of inertness and resistance to corrosion as well. Thus, these pipes are free from biofilm contamination. Also, the life expectancy of these PVC pipes system is about 100 years that it proves to be a cost-efficient option for your project. As the price that you are paying includes purchasing cost, install, operate, maintenance and dismantle.

Few of our top-selling PVC Pipes:

Finolex brand is known for its quality and intense theory and precision in the range of pipes and fittings. They are usually light in weight and possesses high mechanical strength. The supreme brand is preferred for innovative piping solutions with the range of conventional and advance products. They offer you with the excellence in design, development and processing.
Finolex Class 4 - 25 mm Selfit PVC-U Pipe - It is used for agricultural tasks with one end to be self socketed and other as a plain. There is a strong solvent cement joint that is permanent and convenient.

Supreme Class 5 - 20mm Rigid PVC Pipe - It is one of the easy and economical solutions used for the distribution of potable water. It is a more reliable, resilient and long-lasting solution. It has good mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistant feature. It is light in weight and has leak-proof joints as well.

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