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Shop standard quality Punches at best competitive price on Shakedeal. Purchase Punches from leading brands like Groz, JCB, De Neers, Stanley & Taparia - shop Punches Online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Punches online at lowest prices in India

Punches are the type of hand tools in the industrial products segment. The punch tool is a hard metal rod that has a hard tip at one end and blunt end at another end, which is usually stuck as a hammer. Most woodworkers preferably use a ball-peen hammer to strike a punch.

Application of punches from you other hand tools:

It is usually used to drive the objects such as nails in the walls or surfaces, or create an impression of the tip on a work piece. There are decorative punch hand tools available to make a pattern or a form of an image on a work piece.

Different types of punches available online for various applications:

Pin Punch – It is used for driving metal pins and similar connectors in and out of holes.

Centre Punch – It is used to mark a center of a point or holes while drilling the holes. An automatic center punch operates without the hammer device.

Prick Punch – It is similar to center punch which is used for marking out. It possesses a sharper angled tip to produce narrower and deeper indentation.

Drift Punch – It is a type of pin usually used for enlarging holes or aligning holes before bolting.

Decorative – There are punches available for you with the decorative motif helpful to create patterns or images on metals or other materials like leather.

Letter – It is in the form of letter stamps or letter punches that are used to emboss the impression of a letter into a work piece.

Tablet press – It is the type of punches that have a concave ending in the shape of the desired tablet. There are the upper and lower punches used to compress the powder between them.

Other types of punches include belt punches, leather punches, letter punches, punch sets, etc.

Extensive range of best brands for punches available online just at Shakedeal:

Best brands for punches offered by Shakedeal includes taparia punches, pye punches, stanley punches, venus punches, gedore punches.

Top-selling punches: Pye 944-100 mm centre punch, Taparia 1004-100mm drift punch, stanley 16-228 - center punch, taparia 1884-100mm center punch, summit 138g - belt punch oxidised no.7.

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Wide collection of best quality Punches online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Punches Price List in India 2022

Best Punches Models Price
Taparia 1884 - 100 mm Center Punch (Pack of 10) 331
Taparia 1787 - 100 mm Leather Punch (Pack of 10) 420
Taparia 1984 - 100 mm Center Punch (Pack of 10) 345
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