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Pulse Oximeter is a form of medical consumables and equipment. Medical consumables include syringes, needles, staples, packaging, tubing, medical gloves, bandages, masks, adhesives, sealants, etc. The equipment includes air purifiers, respirators, a pulse oximeter.
The pulse oximeter is a tiny, compact, portable and lightweight machine used to monitor the amount of oxygen present in the body. This non-invasive tool is attached to the patient’s fingertip to send two wavelengths of light through the finger. By doing this, the device measures the pulse rate and oxygen the body system of the patient.
There is a finger oxygen meter that gives you accurate, reliable and fast measurements. Also, it is portable and easy to use the device with a lightweight and compact design. It is easy to handle and carry both indoors and outdoors. This finger oxygen meter can be operated with simple guidance of experts. The fingertip pulse oximeter is one of the most preferred devices in the users. At the same time, the personal handheld pulse oximeter or blood oxygen monitor is to identify the maximum ability level to perform the tedious exercise or any activity by tracking the heart rate and blood oxygen level. It works on the principle of different light frequencies are absorbed in different volumes. The oxygen saturation of a healthy body system should never fall below 95%.

How is Pulse Oximeter equipment used?

The oximeter comes with a probe. It is fixed on the area having a good blood flow such as fingertip and ear lobe. With the help of the probe, the oxy pulse meter tracks and measure the SPO2 level. User can get the best pulse oximeter at very affordable price rates.

Different types of Pulse Oximeters:

Fingertip pulse oximeter - It is generally used for spot checks. It has an SPO2 sensor and oximeter in one device. There is no need for any type of probe or external device for taking a measurement. Only the fingertip is needed to measure the human haemoglobin saturation and heart rate by placing the finger inside the pulse oximeter device. It can fit all range of finger sizes. It is usually designed with latex-free silicone material.
Handheld pulse oximeter - With the help of this meter, you can now get the accurate results in no time rather than waiting for old methods of sending the blood samples in the lab and getting the results. It is applicable in hospitals, clinics, ambulances, in-home, in the field by pilots and athletes as well. The device has a sophisticated design where the screen is not attached to the clip directly but through the cable element.
Tabletop pulse oximeter and Non-invasive Blood pressure Pulse Oximeter are its other types. Based on the place of application and the type of information to be tracked the medical experts chooses the ideal option for them from the available smart medical appliances.

Various renowned brands available online:

EGK - Finger Type Pulse Oximeter - It is used to continuously monitor the functional oxygen saturation of haemoglobin in arterial blood. It is comfortable, quick and precise for use in clinics, hospitals, in the home care sector and medical line. It has high accuracy and real-time measurement indication. It has a large display screen with a soft silicon housing that provides precise and hassle-free measurement. It has an advanced sensor and LED. It is suitable for all age patients to measure as it fits a wide range of finger size. It comes with a battery low indication option.
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Pulse Oximeters Price List in India 2022

Best Pulse Oximeters Models Price
EGK - Finger Tip Clip Type Pulse Oximeter 893
JO 100 - Pulse Oximeter 833
Generic - Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Spo2 and PR Display 1,399
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