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Buy Extensive Range of Branded, Heavy Duty Power Tools Online.

Power tools are the extension of your hands. The confluence of your skill and use of the right tool can create extraordinary work-pieces. Power tools are efficient devices, invented to complete a job that may take a longer time to finish with conventional tools. These handy, portable equipment’s are used wherever strong, concentrated force is required ― on construction sites, manufacturing and power plants, on rail lines, in the shipping industry, in mining operations, DIY in-house projects and more. These multipurpose, easy-to-operate tools minimize downtime for you or your end-user!

Why Do You Need Power Tools?

Safety, efficiency, and production are the three main reasons that are driving demand for power tools. Nowadays, power tools are used in all types of industries in doing tasks like drilling, cutting, grinding, routing, shaping, sanding, polishing, painting, heating, and more. Whether you want to undertake a home improvement exercise or an amateur DIY project, these sturdy, interactive tools make the home-building process easy.

Get Industrial Power Tools Online in India at Lowest Prices

1.Woodworking tools – It includes hand tools and power tools, joinery jigs, band saw, blades, clamps and equipment, benches and vices. These types of equipment will help you perform sanding, cutting, planning, routing, and screw driving. Increase your productivity and profitability with these modern, cheap, woodworking tools.

2. Cordless Tools – It is a type of electronic device that is powered by the battery. The power tools like cordless rotary hammer, drill driver, impact driver, impact wrench are the best versatile and flexible solution for all precision fastening applications.

3.Carpenter Tools – These are the devices used by carpenters in the construction industry. It includes a hammer, tape measure, and chalk line, carpenter pencil; nail puller, speed-square, etc.

4. Power Drill – Power Drill is an electric motor used to make a hole in wood, plastic, or metal. It is a versatile tool that can be corded drill, cordless drill, hand drill, screwdriver, fasteners, etc.

5. Power Saws – These are handy machine tools and also known as a circular saw. It is designed with the toothed blade to cut different materials like wood, plastic or metal with the help of rotary motion. Jigsaw, tile saw, chop saw, miter saw, band saw, chain saws, table saw are few of its type.

6. Power Grinders – It is a handheld device that is used for grinding and polishing purposes. It small, the versatile machine comes with a wide variety of cutters and attachments. These can be classified into electric, battery- powered, pneumatic, petrol-powered power grinders.

7. Biscuit Jointer – It is affordable, a handheld woodworking tool that is used by woodworkers to make invisible joints easily. It is used in joining sheet goods such as plywood, fiber-board, solid wood. These joiners help to attach the plywood cabinet.

8. Sanders – It is a tool that smoothens the surface by abrasion with sandpaper. Its types are flap sander, disc sander, orbital sander, straight-line sander, etc.

9. Rotary Hammer- These heavy-duty, robust and durable tools are used for drilling and chiseling in the walls and other harsh surfaces.

Top Brands in Power Tool Manufacturing

There is a continuous demand for home improvement products, including power tools. Many power tool manufacturers like Bosch, Stanley, Milwaukee, Endico, Hikoki, Dewalt, Aegon, AEG, Ruhi, Metabo, Josch, Yuri, Foster, Black, & Decker are offering different types of power tools, starting from, but not limited to, angle grinder, cordless drills, rotary drill, impact drills, demolition hammer, metal polisher, woodworking tools, impact wrench, power mixer, diamond core cutter, cordless tools, circular saw, power saws, heat guns, and sanders. These power tools are used in construction and several do-it-yourself (DIY) jobs.

Safety Tips to Use Power Tools

- It is suggested never to carry a device by the cord or hose. Always use the handle to hold the device.

- Never pull the cable with a jerk to disconnect the machine from the socket.

- Keep the cord away from heat, oil or sharp edges. Be careful while using power equipment outdoors. Weather and rain can damage the motor.

- Never forget to disconnect the device when you are not using them, cleaning or servicing them.
- Keep the work-surface clean and dry to avoid slipping and falling while working with or around power tool. A cutting saw or spade left lying around can cause an accident.

- Secure work with clamps or vice, to free both hands to operate the device.

- Avoid accidental starting by not holding fingers on the switch while carrying a plugged-in appliance.

- Maintain tools by keeping them clean and sharp to get the best performance.

- Always follow the steps mentioned in the user manual while changing or lubricating the accessories.

- Ensure that there is a right balance maintained while operating t the types of equipment.

- Proper apparel and protective gears are needed while performing the tasks.

Shakedeal - A One-Stop-Shop to Buy Power Tools in India

Love it or hate it, online shopping, especially for power tools in India is not easy. Shakedeal, a business-to-business (B2B) bulk-sourcing online marketplace, offers a wide range of industrial and commercial power tools online. We provide a comprehensive and exhaustive collection of cheap power tools that can be used by carpenters, electricians, and other professionals in small and medium industries in India. These cost-effective power tools can be used in construction, carpentering, housekeeping, manufacturing, service, and maintenance applications.

Frequently Asked Questions - Power Tools

Q: What is considered a power tool?
A: Power tool is a specialized tool that makes use of compressed air and electricity to perform various jobs that cannot be accomplished by using traditional tools. It is mainly used in construction, cleaning, drilling, cutting, shaping, grinding, polishing, etc. 

Q: What is a portable power tool?
A: Portable power tool requires power source to operate and these power source types include electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc. The tools can be carried easily from one place to another. Circular saws, jigsaws, drills, hammer drills, sanders, grinders and routers are few of its types. 

Q: Is it safe to buy power tools online?
A: Yes. It is safe to buy power tools online. You need to check the holographic properties, secure code label and logo of the brand, body casing, handles and functioning of the tool after receiving the order. 

Q: Which power tool is most useful for homeowners?
A: The circular saw is very useful tool for homeowners. It is applicable for constructing deck, fence, patio cover, shed and cutting of lumber in proper lengths.

Q: What are the advantages of power tools?
A: Power tools are powerful machines that consists of motors, power source, battery and electricity. They have high accuracy and speed rate. These tools can be used even for the complex projects.


Power Tools Price List in India 2022

Best Power Tools Models Price
Tiger TGP10 Drill - 10 mm Powerful Heavy Copper Winding Electric Drill Machine 736
Bosch GWS 600 - 4 Inch, 670 W Professional Angle Grinder 1,843
Bosch GSB 501 - 13 mm, 500 W Reversible Action Impact Drill Machine 2,144
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This data was last updated on 05/18/2022