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Plumbing Tools

Buy quality plumbing tools at economical prices online. Choose from a wide range of plumbing tools brands on Shakedeal - Shop Plumbing Tools online and buy at best prices.

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Buy Plumbing Tools online – Choose from the Plumbing Tools list at Shakedeal.com

Plumbing tools are used for holding pipes, pipe fitting and fixtures for plumbing work. These tools are helpful for both domestic and industrial uses. Plumbing tools make the plumbers more efficient, precise and faster. Some of the common types of plumbing tools include –

Pipe Wrench - A pipe Wrench is like an adjustable wrench with toothed jaws to firmly hold the pipes. The device has an adjustable upper jaw. A pipe wrench is mainly used to assemble and disassemble threaded pipes by holding and turning them together.

Faucet - A faucet is a tool used to get water from the plumbing system. A faucet comprises various components like a handle, lift rod, cartridge, aerator, water inlet, etc. As the user turns on the handle, the valve opens and manages the water flow under various water and temperature conditions.

Gaskets and seals are generally used as static seals between flat surfaces like joints. At the same time, seals are used between various active components like rotating shafts, pumps and engines. Seals are used to prevent leakages between the two moving parts. A gasket is applicable for various oil & gas, pulp and paper and transportation industries. They are made up of various materials like neoprene, rubber, nitrile, graphite, etc.

Pipes They are a vital part of plumbing tools. It provides a constant water supply and maintains the home, kitchen, and office. Pipes are commonly used in the petroleum and oil industry, refineries, etc. They are generally made up of glass, fiber, metal and plastic material.

Valves are devices that control or direct fluid flow by opening, closing, or through partial obstruction. It controls the flow and pressure of fluid within the system. Valves are mostly used at pharmaceuticals, chemical plants, automobile production units, etc. Air vent, ball, check, foot, mini and nozzle are some of its types.

Pipe fittings tools and couplings – The coupling is a very short length of pipe, with a socket at both ends to join 2 pipes or tubes. Pipe fittings are pipe connectors that attach one pipe to another. Elbow, reducer, tee, cross, coupling and plug are some of the types of pipe fittings.

Some of our best-selling plumbing tools are available online:

Supreme Class 5 - 20mm Rigid PVC Pipe – It is a suitable, easy, and economical solution for potable water distribution. These pipes are strong, resilient and long-lasting. Its unique features include good mechanical properties, lightweight, simple leak proof joints and optimum flow rates.

Zoloto 1095 - 25 mm Forged Brass Screwed Air Release Valve is a hydro-mechanical device used to release air pockets within the full pressured pipeline. It is usually installed at system high points in the vertical position with the inlet down. A few of its key features include good efficiency, less pressure loss and easy installation.

Buy Plumbing Tools online – Choose from Plumbing Tools list at Shakedeal.com

Plumbing is one of the most important categories that ensures a consistent supply of water along with the maintenance of adequate hygiene in our homes, bathrooms, kitchens, and offices. At ShakeDeal, we have an entire range of offerings that include bathroom accessories, faucets, pipe fittings and couplings, pipes, shower accessories, valves, etc. Having partnered with top brands like Jaguar, Hindware, Ashirwad, Astral, Finolex etc. we are able to bring you products at unmatched prices which simplifies the entire process of sourcing for economically viable and quality products.

Plumbing Tools Price List in India 2022

Best Plumbing Tools Models Price
Supreme Class 5 - 20mm Rigid PVC Pipe 263
Zoloto 1095 - 25 mm Forged Brass Screwed Air Release Valve 747
Zoloto 1040B - 20 mm Forged Brass Screwed Compact Pressure Reducing Valve 1,492
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