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Taparia TP-9 - 225mm Tower Pincer

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Pliers are the most versatile of all hand tools and are used by people cutting across different industrial backgrounds. For simple tasks such as severing, cutting and holding, pliers are the multi-purpose instruments which can help you in carrying out tasks easily. Keeping these multi-functional tools in your toolbox is a must for fixing routine jobs effortlessly.

Going through each type of pliers, without knowing the purpose they are used for, can be confusing and irritating. Selecting pliers becomes easier if you know categories of pliers by their application and usage. Follow this guide to find the right pliers for your need.

Pliers for everyday tasks:

Diagonal Cutting Pliers: These pliers are designed solely for cutting wires. Cutting Pliers permits strong indenting and wedging.

Long nose pliers and needle nose pliers: These pliers are thin and due to their length become useful while working in tight spaces. They are mostly used for cutting and repositioning purposes.

Lineman's pliers: These pliers offer a secure grip for twisting wires and cables. They are widely used in lineman and electrical industries, and that's how their name is derived.

Revolving punch pliers: These pliers are used mainly by DIYers and crafters for punching through materials like rubber, wood, and leather.

Pliers for bending and reshaping wires:

Wire twist pliers: These pliers are used to bend and twist metallic wires with ease. These are mainly used in industrial sites for iron or metalwork.

Solid joint pliers: These pliers are used to repair and install wires by ensuring a secure grip for well-defined results.

Pliers for tightening and clamping:

Locking pliers: These pliers are used to hold things in place and clamp nuts and bolts.

Slip joint pliers: These pliers are used for loosening and gripping materials such as pipe and wires.

Hog ring pliers: These pliers are used mostly for fencing and carpentry work. They are fashioned to tighten metal rings around cords securely.

Extensive collection of pliers with varied types, sizes, and brands available online just at Shakedeal:

You can find various types of pliers for different applications namely combination pliers, long nose pliers, side cutting pliers, circlip pliers, needle nose pliers, round nose pliers, locking pliers

Best brands for pliers offered by Shakedeal are taparia plier, stanley pliers, venus plier, ambika plier, eastman plier.

Top selling pliers: Taparia combination plier 1621-8, Stanley 84-002-22/0-84-022-200mm VDE Combination Plier, Taparia 1122-6N - 165mm Side Cutting Plier, Taparia EWS 06 - 160mm 6" End Wire Stripping Plier, ARO - brake spring plier, Taparia HSC-7-190mm Side Cutting Plier Insulated with thick C.A. sleeve.

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Pliers Price List in India 2022

Best Pliers Models Price
Taparia 1122-6N - 165 mm Side Cutting Plier Insulated with thick C.A. sleeve-With cable Stripper (Pack of 10) 1,895
Taparis WS 06 - 150 mm / 6 Inch, Wire Stripping Plier (Pack of 10 Pcs) 475
Stanley 70-482 - 8" Bi-Material Combination Plier (Pack of 6 Pcs) 1,404
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