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Aegon AP82 - 600 W Planer

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Planers are mostly used in woodworking projects. There are three major types of planers: stationary, bench-top and handheld.

Benchtop Planers: Benchtop planers are economical and have a compact design. These planers work perfectly with almost all home outlets. Due to their compact shape and design, they occupy minimal space and can be easily moved to work sites. They are the preferred choice for all DIYers. Power capacity of benchtop planers varies from 13 amps to 15 amps and 120 volts.

Stationary Planers:

Stationary planers are capable of handling more massive stacks of wood. Power capacity of stationary planers may vary from 3 to 10 horsepower. These planers are capable of executing heavy duty woodworking tasks and can handle massive quantities of wood. They are known for their speed and efficiency. Stationary planers are heavier than benchtop ones and are stable as well.

Power Planers: Power planers are robust planers which pack a powerful performance and have a higher RPM for faster stock removal. Some of the fastest selling power planer models are Makita MT M1901B - 500W, 82 mm Power Planer, and Makita KP0800X - 82mm Power Planer.

Electric Wood Planers: A powerful motor propels electric wood planers. These planers have a very simplistic blade setting system which ensures that blade installations become more manageable for the user. These planers have ergonomically superior designs so that users do not experience fatigue while using them for extended periods. Optimal no-load speed and RPM ensures better production efficiency.

Some popular electric wood planers available in the marketplace are Yking 2590 C - 900 W Electric Wood Planer, Dewalt D26676 - 1/4 inch Portable Planer, Hitachi M1B MH 80X1 - 500W Green Surface Planer. AEG PL 750 - 750 Watt Planer, and Josch JP 82 - 600W 82mm Planer