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Buy top quality Pipes at best price on Shakedeal. Buy Pipes from various leading brands like Astral, Finolex, JMC, JMC Plus & Supreme - shop Pipes Online and buy at best prices.


Buy Pipes online at lowest prices in India:

Pipes are part of plumbing tools. Plumbing tools comprises of various tools like pipe wrenches, adjustable wrenches, chain pipe wrenches, vices, basins, swivels, ratchet pipe die set, pipe and tube cutter, etc. Few of other accessories include faucets, gaskets, seals, manhole cover and grates, sanitary ware, sinks, shower, valves, pipe fittings and couplings, etc. These tools are used for ensuring the consistent supply of water along with the maintenance of hygiene in homes, kitchen and offices.

Get the best water supply pipes for your plumbing system:

It is in the form of a hollow cylinder that is used for the transportation of substances like liquid, gas, slurries, powders, etc. It is also used for compressing the air within the pipelines. It is most commonly used in the petroleum industry like oil well casing and oil refinery equipment. It comes in different diameters that define the thickness of these pipes. The construction of the pipe consists of pipe fitting, elbows, tees, etc. Usually, it is made up of various materials like ceramic, glass, fibreglass, metal, concrete and plastic.

Different types of Pipes available online:

Based on different kinds of sizes, the material used and applications, there are various types of pipes available.

CPVC Pipes - Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is a material used for making this pipe. It is more flexible and can withstand high temperature. It is used to handle hot, cold and even an industrial liquid.

GI Pipes - Galvanized iron pipe is made up of mild steel sheet. It is used to supply water, gas or any other liquid within the system. It has a lifetime of about ten years. It is effortless to cut, joint, thread or bend the pipe. It is light in weight and cheaper in price rates.

HDPE Pipes - It is a high-density polyethene pipe that is a type of flexible plastic. It is used for fluid and gas transfer. It is used to replace ageing concrete or steel material. It has a strong molecular bond that makes it suitable for high-pressure pipelines.

PE 80 Pipes - Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material. It is used in manufacturing these pipes by extrusion process. It has better resistance to relaxation. It is used as a gas pipe for natural gas distribution with a pressure rate of 4 bars and drinking water pipe with a pressure rate of 16 bar.

PP R Pipes - It is a high-temperature plastic pressure piping system used for plumbing purpose. It also provides resistance to highly acidic and basic solutions. It is mainly used in industrial and food-grade piping.

PVC Pipes - It is a white plastic pipe used for plumbing and drainage system. It is made up of polyvinyl chloride. It is a common replacement for metal piping.

SWR Pipes - It is a soil, waste and rain piping system used for drainage. It can handle both hot and cold water. It has low thermal conductivity and has UV resistance. It has no bacterial growth.

UPVC Pipes - It is used as a conceal line in the residential building water supply. Its thickness is more than that of PVC pipe. It is rigid, strong and fire-resistant. Generally, it is used for water transportation.

Find top quality brands for Pipes online:

There are numerous leading brands for Pipes like Astral, Finolex, JMC, Supreme, etc. These brands are more trustworthy and effective in performance. Some of our most demanded Pipe products are namely
Finolex Class 2 - 63 mm Selfit PVC-U Pipe - It has a one end socketed and another end plain. The plain end fits without the use of copiers. It has a strong solvent cement joint which is permanent and trouble-free.
Astral M511110302 - 20mm, 3 Meters SDR 11 Series CPVC Pro Pipe - It is fire, corrosion and chemical resistance. It has low bacterial growth and low thermal expansion. It has no toxicity, odour or taste. "

Pipes Price List in India 2021

Best Pipes Models Price
Supreme Class 5 - 20mm Rigid PVC Pipe 263
Saroop SI0200148 - 25 m, 48 mm Polyamide Flexible Conduits 13,030
Saroop SI0200116 - 50 m, 17 mm Polyamide Flexible Conduits 4,025
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This data was last updated on 11/27/2021