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Buy Oxygen Concentrators Online at Best Prices in India

Oxygen Concentrator is a type of medical supplies that concentrates oxygen from ambient air and removes nitrogen gas. Thus, it is a device used to generate an oxygen-enriched gas stream using the 2 standard methods: pressure swing adsorption and membrane gas separation. So, the device's primary function is to purify the air and provide it to patients who have low oxygen levels in their blood. Some of its typical applications include concentrated oxygen supply for patients at hospitals or home. It is one of the safest and economical sources of oxygen. A portable oxygen concentrator has various benefits like high intermittent flow or reduced power consumption. They operate on a pulse dose delivery system. This O2 concentrator is very useful in military or disaster situations as oxygen cylinders can rupture or leak and lead to a fire break.

Advantages of Using Oxygen Concentrator:

Consistency – The oxygen concentrator machine will never run out of oxygen until it has an air and power supply connected. The oxygen supply generated from the air is both unlimited and readily available.
Safety – There is no issue of leakage or fire break while using the pulse dose oxygen concentrator.
Size – The size of the machine is compact, and light in weight and thus can be carried around the space easily.
Cost – O2 concentrators are more affordable and readily available for long term rentals.

High-Quality Brands for best oxygen concentrator available online at Shakedeal:

Jumao – This brand manufactures concentrators suitable for both hospital and home use. The machines are usually wheeled base and compact in design. They are equipped with an alarm and auto shutdown safety features. The Jumao concentrator is preferred for its noiseless operation. Some of its features include high oxygen density and a replaceable filter option.

Longfian – This brand is an eco-friendly and economical machine suitable to treat respiratory ailments. Longfian oxygen concentrator machines help treat cardiovascular, pulmonary disease, carbon monoxide poisoning cases, and other illnesses related to the cerebral vascular system. This oxygen concentrator is majorly used for various types of community, township, healthcare hospitals and clinics.

Olive – Olive oxygen concentrators are highly durable and made up of tough materials. They are preferred for long-lasting performance and the latest technologies for precise medical therapies. The machines usually come with automatic switch controls for easy operation. They are equipped with LED screen control panels, button operators to deliver optimal performance.

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Q1. What are the different types of oxygen concentrators?

A1. There are 2 main types of oxygen concentrators.
Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Stationary Oxygen concentrator.
The stationary type of concentrator is heavy and large and therefore cannot be moved around easily. It is designed to supply more oxygen and cannot be transported while travelling or for outdoor applications. The concentrator has a longer lifespan and is operated with the help of a power source.
The portable type of concentrator is smaller and lightweight and has various advantages like high intermittent flow and reduced power consumption. The device usually operates on a rechargeable battery system. It comes in 2 modes, namely - Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose type.
Continuous flow type mode provides the same flow of oxygen in 1 minute until it gets turned off.
Pulse dose type mode first identifies the patient’s breathing pattern and then releases the oxygen when the inhalation is detected.

Q2. How long do oxygen concentrators last?

A2. Oxygen concentrator lasts for about 5 to 7 years or more before going for the repair. It all depends on how frequently the device is used and how well the concentrator is maintained. Also, the other various factors like temperature, relative humidity and cleanliness of the surrounding affect the lifespan of the oxygen concentrator.
What's the difference between an oxygen cylinder and an oxygen concentrator?
Oxygen concentrators are portable, light and easy to carry. It provides about 5-10 litres of oxygen per minute. It is suitable for people with mild and moderate respiratory problems. The device needs a power source to use the ambient air to generate oxygen 24 hrs.
The oxygen cylinder has a fixed amount of pressurized oxygen, unlike the concentrator. The concentrator collects the oxygen from the surrounding air and purifies it to deliver the oxygen to the patient.

Q3. When should we use an oxygen concentrator?

A3. It is advisable to use the oxygen concentrator when the patient experiences a low oxygen level in the blood. Also, the patient’s condition must be diagnosed and monitored by a qualified medical professional to get the proper assistance. The medical professional is the prime person to determine the correct frequency of providing the supplemental oxygen and source, i.e., oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator.

Q4. How much does a portable oxygen concentrator cost?

A4. The portable oxygen concentrator comes at the price range of around Rs.40,000 to Rs.3 lakhs. You can also go for the rent option if you don’t want to opt for the purchasing option. BPL medical technologies and Philips are 2 leading brands in India for domestic oxygen concentrators. In this period of covid 19 pandemics, it is suggested to approach the company directly through their website. You will get correct information of dealers present near your area rather than going with the third-party seller.

Q5. Where can I buy an Oxygen Concentrator?
A5. It is recommended to buy an oxygen concentrator from an established and reputed company or authorised retailer with certified technicians. Always check for the warranty to cover the repairs and discrepancy in the bought machine.

Oxygen Concentrators Price List in India 2022

Best Oxygen Concentrators Models Price
Olive OLV 5A - 0-5 LPM Continuous Flow Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator 27,143
Jumao JMC5A Ni - 1 to 5 litres Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator For Home Use 24,762
Haier HA105 - 1-7 lpm Oxygen concentrator 36,999
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This data was last updated on 06/27/2022