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Ohm Meters

Buy authentic Ohm Meters at reasonable price. Purchase Ohm Meters from assorted brands like Hioki, HTC, Kusam Meco, Lutron, MECO & Metravi.

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MECO 7272 - Micro Ohm Meter

13 % OFF
MECO 7002 - Milli Ohm Meter

13 % OFF
Metravi MMM 1 - Million MegOhm Meter

11 % OFF
Hioki RM3545 - 20 V DC Resistance Meter

8 % OFF

Buy Ohm Meters online at lowest prices in India:

Ohmmeters are the type of electrical power testing. Electrical power testing is necessary to maintain a secure and reliable operating system. Lots of electrical faults and service-related tasks can be diagnosed with the help of an accurate reading of voltage, current, and resistance. Clamp meters, insulation testers, ohmmeters, and power & energy meters are some of the types of electrical power testing. The electrical test kit comes with a multimeter, voltage tester, and receptacle tester.

Best Ohm meters available online:

Ohmmeters are devices that have easy to read displays. They are used to measure electrical resistance. There are micro ohm meters as well to detect low resistance readings. While there are mega ohmmeters to read large values of resistance. The unit for measuring the resistance is ohms. There are different types of meters with different sensitivity levels such as micro, mega, milli ohmmeters.
The micro ohmmeter is used for measuring the very low resistance with high precision.
The mega ohmmeter is used for calculating the large resistance values.
Milli ohmmeters are useful for calculating low resistance at high precision to verify the value of the electric circuit.

High-quality brands for Ohm meters online:

Various brands are suitable for Ohmmeters. These brands include Hioki, HTC, Kusam Meco, Lutron, Metravi, etc. Certain Ohm meters are our best selling products. These include -
HTC MO 5000 - 1999 Counts Milli Ohm Meter - It has a large display to show measurements with high accuracy. It has a simple switch with a terminal layout for a better customer experience. It is easy to handle and use. It is light in weight and withstand harsh climatic conditions.
Metravi 52C - 200 mA Digital Milli Ohm Meter - It has an auto power off and low battery & over range indication. It also has overload protection.
Lutron CD 4301 - 200 uS to 200 mS Conductivity Meter - It provides fast and accurate reading with digital readability. It is compact and has a large LCD. It is used in photography, laboratory, paper industry, etc.

Ohm Meters Price List in India 2021

Best Ohm Meters Models Price
MECO 7272 - Micro Ohm Meter 100,245
HTC MO 5000 - 1999 Counts Milli Ohm Meter 6,808
MECO 7002 - Milli Ohm Meter 53,617
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