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Non Sparking Tools

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Eastman ENS 03 - 25x28mm Ring Spanner

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What are Non sparking tools in the category of hand tools?

The non-sparking tools are the type of hand tools that are spark reduced, spark resistant, or spark-proof as the name suggests. These tools are usually made up of metals such as brass, bronze, aluminium bronze, etc. They protect against both fire and explosions. They are most commonly non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant. Usage of these sparking tools is essential to avoid fire-related accidents in the plants or workspace.

Wide range of non-sparking hand tools based on prices, sizes, types of applications available at Shakedeal:

Non-sparking tools are applicable to various sectors like hazardous environments, musical instruments, bullets, and aerospace.

Some types of non-sparking tools offered by Shakedeal are hacksaw blades, screwdrivers, hacksaw frames, hex keys, spanners, chisels, knives, pliers, sockets, hammers, etc.

Hacksaw blades – A fine-toothed saw created for cutting the metal made up of non-sparking tools material. Hacksaw blades are usually made up of beryllium copper or aluminium bronze.

Screwdrivers – A tool made up of non-sparking tools material to do screwing and unscrewing of screws in specific objects.

Hex keys – A tool made up of non-sparking tools material that is used to drive bolts and screws hexagonal sockets in their heads.

How to use and maintain these tools?

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to avoid the risk of explosion or fire:

Always make sure that the instruments are kept clean and dry free from ferrous or any contaminants.

Select the right-sized devices for the task like wrench opening to the nuts. As the right fit will prevent the slipping of the instrument while operating and thus reducing the chance of spark.

Avoid using these devices in direct contact with acetylene. It may form explosive acetylides, especially in the presence of moisture.

Make usage of local or mechanical ventilation system as it proves to be an appropriate option to remove dust, vapors, and hazardous materials from the working environment.

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Shakedeal is a one-stop solution for all types of industrial products of the best brands and prime quality. A few of our trusted brands for non-sparking tools are taparia non-sparking tools, jhalani non-sparking tools, turnmax non-sparking tools, eastman non-sparking tools, maxtorq non-sparking tools.

Best-selling non-sparking tools: Taparia 261-1016 Philips Screw Driver, Taparia 140-50-50mm Single Ended Open End Jaw Spanner, Taparia 247-1002-8" Cutting Plier (BE-CU)-Beryllium - Copper.

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