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Buy powerful Multimeters at best moderate price. Shop Multimeters from assorted brands like CEM, Flir, Fluke, HTC, Kyoritsu & Metrel

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Fluke 17B+ - 1000 V Digital Multimeter

32 % OFF
Fluke 1507 - Insulation Tester

30 % OFF
Fluke 1503 - Insulation Tester

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Metrix Plus
Metrix Plus 18TRMS - 1000 V Digital Multimeter

24 % OFF

Buy Multimeters online at lowest prices in India

Electrical testing and measuring instruments have become important in determining the effectiveness, operation, and administration of electrical circuit systems. For efficient functioning of electrical systems, a scheduled mandatory check on electrical system is required. Therefore, it is essential to perform diagnostic tests using testing and measuring instruments, such as multimeters, to ensure the uninterrupted operation of electrical systems. Business continuity operations are dependent on electrical systems to a greater extent and therefore, diagnostic tests using quality equipment in necessary.

A digital multimeter is one of the most popularly used electronic testing equipment. It is multi-functional and combines the effectiveness of various instruments such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and ammeters with precision. These multimeters come handy in quality control, mandatory design, maintenance, diagnostic and electrical servicing operations.

Get all types of Multimeters online at best prices on Shakedeal

1. Digital Multimeter

2. Analog Multimeter

3. Industrial Multimeter

Digital multimeters find application in a wide gamut of functions such as production testing, diode testing, capacitance, voltage reference testing, and research. Digital multimeters measure direct current(DC), alternating current (AC)AC voltage, DC voltage, and resistance. There are some advanced digital multimeters which can measure capacitance, temperature, and pressure as well. Analog multimeters utilize a micro ammeter and a pointer to reflect measurement readings.

Shop popular Multimeters brands at wholesale prices on Shakedeal

1. Fluke Multimeter

2. Uni-t-Multimeter

3. Amprobe Multimeter

4. Meco Multimeter

5. Hioki Multimeter

6. Rishabh Multimeter

7. HTC Multimeter

8. Kusam Meco Multimeter

Fluke Multimeters are reliable and rugged digital multimeters designed to measure temperature, frequency in addition to resistance, capacitance, and voltage.

Meco Mutlimeters are chosen mostly for continuity and diode testing. Their ergonomic design and robust design make it one of the fastest-selling multimeters today.

Hioki Multimeters are used for general-purpose electrical testing work and have DC as well as AC voltage measurement feature. They have a count display of 60,000.

Buy top-selling Multimeters at Shakedeal

Some popular Multimeters in the marketplace are as follows:

1. Fluke 101 Digital Multimeter

2. Hioki DT4254 Digital Multimeter

3. HTC DM 81-0 to 750 V Digital Multimeter

4. CEM DT 989 - 50000 Count Digital Multimeter

5. Waco CIE 123 - 600V Digital Multimeter

6. Beetech H 901-3.1/2 Digit Multimeter

Wide collection of best quality Multimeters online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Multimeters Price List in India 2021

Best Multimeters Models Price
HTC DM 830L - 200 to 600 V Digital Multimeter 479
HTC DM 830L+ - 200 V, 2000 Counts Digital Multimeter 479
HTC DM 81 - 0 to 750 V Digital Multimeter 645
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