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Buy Motion Sensing Lights online at lowest prices in India

Motion Sensing Lights are the form of flashlights that releases the beam of light with the help of the motion sensor. These sensors detect the infrared energy waves with the motion of the object, and the light is turned on electronically. It is an electronic device that is an integration of component that works as and when it senses the motion of an object around it. This system is mostly used in the security sector.

Various types of Motion Sensor Lighting system application:

It is used indoors like on the wall, ceilings, doorways, etc.
User can use it outdoors like the exterior of buildings or homes.
It is mainly used to sound an alarm or to turn on outside light while passing of a pedestrian.

Advantages of using Motion Sensor light:

As the user no need to touch the device to activate the sensor, so it is user friendly for all age group people.
Motion lights are safe and easily visible to the person navigating around the space.
It can conserve the power and thus, help in saving your electric bill.
As these sensor lights shut off automatically, user doles not need to take extra pain of checking them before going to bed.
It is very useful to install the motion-sensing lights at halls, garages, porches, decks, and backyards.

Types of motion sensors led light

Passive infrared - It is commonly used in the home security system. Once this sensor warms up, it can detect both heat and movement in the environment. It creates a protective grid.

Microwave - It emits microwave pulses to measure a reflection of moving object. It can cover a larger area than the infrared sensor.

Dual technology type - It has a combined feature to reduce the false alarm problem for e.g. the combination of passive infrared with the microwave sensor.

Area reflective type - It emits infrared rays from LED and measures the distance to the object. It is done to detect if the object is within the designated area.
Ultrasonic type measures the reflection of the moving object and sends back the pulses of ultrasonic waves.

Our top-selling motion sensing lights:

Wipro CDA 24010 - 60 mm eSense Microwave Occupancy and Daylight Dimming Sensor - The device has an enhanced user comfort and low energy consumption. It has LED lights that help to offer a bright environment. It is mostly used in the workplace by automatically illumination the dark places like corridors, staircases, etc.

Wipro CRPS10R010A - 72 mm eSavvy Smart PIR occupancy sensor light- It has a sleek design, and so User can use it as a decorative item. It uses modern detection pattern that reduces both energy cost and installation charges.

Wipro COM 23010 - 60 mm eSense Microwave Occupancy and Daylight Dimming Sensor - It has a load switch of 10 amps. It is designed with a non-regulating ballast. It is generally used to control lighting and save energy in offices and commercial buildings.

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Motion Sensing Lights Price List in India 2022

Best Motion Sensing Lights Models Price
Wipro CRPS10R010A - 72 mm eSavvy Smart PIR occupancy sensor 2,932
Wipro COM 23010 - 60 mm eSense Microwave Occupancy and Daylight Dimming Sensor 10,908
Wipro COM 20010 - 60 mm eSense Microwave Occupancy and Daylight Dimming Sensor 12,988
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This data was last updated on 05/17/2022