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Miter Saw Machine

Buy powerful Miter Saw Machine at best feasible price on Shakedeal. Shop Miter Saw Machine from assorted brands like AEG, Dewalt, Hi Max, Hitachi, Josch & Ken.

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Dewalt DW715 - 305 mm Mitre Saw

43 % OFF
Bosch GCM10MX - 255 mm, 1700 W Mitre Saw

46 % OFF

Buy Miter Saws online at lowest prices in India

Miter saw machine is the leading type in the power tools category. These can facilitate cutting at multiple angles thanks to the spinning blade. Some of those are equipped with a sliding feature to allow the user to move the blades in a forward and backward direction. This option makes it easier to cut more significant chunks of wood and lumber.

Types of components fitted in a standard miter saw machine that you need to know:

a) Saw Blade – It is a cutting device accessory that is used in conjunction with the device that comes in different forms. Band, circular, diamond, scroll, jig, concrete, tile, and reciprocating.

b) Wrench – It is a type of tool that helps to provide a grip and a mechanical force to turn objects like fasteners, nuts, or bolts. A few of its varieties are an open-end wrench, box end wrench, pipe wrench, socket wrench, etc.

c) A bag for dust collection – It is a system designed to enhance and maintain the quality of air released from the industrial area by collecting the dust from air and gas. Fabric filters, wet scrubbers, unit collectors are the types of dust collectors.

d) Work Clamp - It is a fastening device designed to hold the object tightly together to prevent the loosening or separation from the main object.

The design of these saw is highly robust thanks to the die-cast aluminium and tougher alloys, which makes the tool strong enough even for high demanding jobs. Some of the models have a material clamp meant for secure fixing of the equipment. The dust extraction process is often expedited with the help of an integrated dust scoop in most models. Nowadays, the LED illumination has become a standard feature along with laser, which allows an accurate and bright display of cutting line. It helps in producing precise cuts with unmatched precision.

No other device can offer you the complete cutting control at all angles except mitre type for the simple reason that they have the best power to weight ratio, which enables them to increase productivity and efficiency. The inbuilt power optimization feature ensures that there is minor power consumption during no-load intervals. Saw blades changes have become quite a bit more comfortable with the spindle lock. Easy handling of this type makes it easier for users to enhance their productivity and get higher output from tools.

Few types of Miter Saw Machine include:

1. Sliding type – It possesses blade fitted to the swing arm that pivots left and right to perform angled cuts. Such cuts are required for crown moulding, picture frames, door frames, etc. Types consist of single and double bevel sliding, cordless sliding.

2. Compound type – It can cut more than simple angle cuts. Compound means that it can cut two angles at the same time.

3. Crosscut type – It is designed to cut the wood in a perpendicular direction across the wood grain. They come both in small and big sizes. With the help of the small teeth close the woodworking activity can be performed.

Best brand for saw machine available online at Shakedeal:

The most trusted brands associated with Shakedeal are Bosch miter saw, Hi max miter saw, aeg miter saw, Dewalt miter saw, Hitachi miter saw. Some top-selling products are dewalt 780 mitre saw, Pro Tools 3625 A -305mm electric mitre saw, Makita LS1019L-10-inch compound mitre saw, dewalt dw713 mitre saw, metabo kgs 305m mitre saw, makita LS1440 mitre saw.

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Miter Saw Machine Price List in India 2021

Best Miter Saw Machine Models Price
Pro Tools 3525 A - 255 mm, 1850 W Electric Mitre Saw 9,999
Hi Max IC 094 - 255 mm, 1800 W Mitre Saw 6,414
Metabo KS 216 M - 216 mm, 1100 W Laser Cut Compound Crosscut Mitre Saw 14,830
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