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Mist Blowers

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Mist Blowers is basically used for mosquito control underside of leaves and for treating large outdoor areas instantly. It is used for spraying the insecticides into the areas of dense foliage. The mosquitoes rest during the height of day in and on vegetation close to the ground. Thus using the blower is suitable during the daytime. The forceful blowing action helps to move the foliage around and to let the insecticides reach inside the plants and leaves.

Importance of mist blower sprayer:

It is used for spraying the water and pesticide mixture to repel and kill the mosquitoes and give effective results. It has a series of nozzles and tubes for dispensing a pesticide-laced mist to kill the mosquitoes in your garden yard or patio. The automatic misting system is coupled with the timer to turn the mister on and off as required. The adjustable time length decides how long the system sprays each time it activates.

Application of mist blower:

It is suitable for various applications like crop cultivation, pest control, spraying insecticides, etc. It can deliver the pest liquid over a wide area without compromising control and accuracy. The low-pressure air movement helps in distributing chemical uniformly even in hard to reach areas.

Makita PM7650H - 1.8 litres, 75.6 cc, 4 Stroke Mist Blower - It weighs up to 13 kgs and is suitable for applying insecticides and fungicides over large areas with ease. It has an electronic 2-speed functionality that is used for controlling the speed of spray and adjust it to low or high. It has a liquid adjustment knob for a wide range of discharge rates. It has anti-vibration properties and high spraying speed rate.

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