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Shop high quality Markers at best sensible price on Shakedeal. Buy Markers from assorted brands like Artline, Camlin Kokuya, Cello, Kores & Luxor.

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Buy Markers online at lowest prices in India

Markers are used for marking purpose. It is a type of felt tip pen that helps in making wide lines to label or highlight the points. The permanent marker is used to create permanent writing on the object. The ink of marker is made up of main carrier solvent, a glyceride, pyrrolidone, resin and colourant element that makes the ink water-resistant.

Characteristics of permanent marker:

It can write over the surfaces like paper, metal or stone.
It comes with various tip sizes like ultra-fine or wide. And shapes like chisel point, bullet tip or wide bristle.
It comes in various colour types like metallic or UV reactive effect.
It usually contains volatile organic compounds that dry off fast.
It is generally used for writing on CD or DVD surfaces.
It is suitable for long-lasting usage and comes in 2 ink types - 1 to resist solvent and 1 not to fade. Also, it is available in the refillable form.

Different types of marker pens:

Highlighters - It is used for highlighting existing writing. It usually comes in neon colours to attract customers.

Whiteboard marker - It comes with an erasable ink and is applicable to use on the slick or matte finished surface. It is suitable for temporary writing and can erase the marks with damp cloth or wipes. This wet wipe marker can be used on an overhead projector, signboards or non-porous surfaces.

Security marker - It comes in the fluorescent shade and is used for marking valuables in case of burglary. It is mainly made up of ultraviolet light colour to make the writing highly visible.

Election marker - It is used to mark the finger of voters during election time to avoid electoral fraud event. The stains of this marker stay visible for over a week or two. It can be used even during the vaccination process.

Few of our best selling marker pens:

Luxor 521 - Yellow Gloliter Marker Pen - It is pocket-friendly fluorescent highlighter pen with a chisel tip for making fine and broad lines. It comes with a specially formulated ink for consistent ink flow. It is suitable for use on paper, photocopy or fax.

Luxor 960 - Blue Permanent Marker - It is an ideal option for home, school and office use. It has a metal body for high durability. It is preferred for long-lasting and clear marking with fast dry and water-resistant ink properties.

Luxor 997 N - Blue Super Chisel Single Colour Marker - It has specially designed tip for thin and thick marking. It is to prevent push back problem while writing with this marker. It has a ventilated cap and is refillable. The bright ink colour helps in making smooth marking.

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Markers Price List in India 2022

Best Markers Models Price
Luxor 968/969 - Black OHP Permanent Marker (20 Pieces) 357
Luxor 886 N - Blue Highlighter (25 Pieces) 1,999
Luxor 887 N - Yellow Highlighter (20 Pieces) 320
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