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Buy Makita EK8100WS - 81 cc, 6 HP Wet Type Cutter Online

Makita EK8100WS - 6 HP Wet Type Cutter

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Makita EK8100WS - 6 HP Wet Type Cutter


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Makita EK8100WS is a powerful, compact and lightweight cutter. They have a multi-functional switch lever. The choke, half-throttle and stopping can be controlled by a single switch lever. These power cutters come with a 2-stroke engine with scavenging losses rejection exhaust. Due to the use of SLR technology, there is less fuel consumption. These cutters have a maximum cutting depth of 147 mm. Makita 81 cc has a decompression valve and the carburettor is diaphragm type. 6 HP wet type cutter has a multi-functional switch lever and a 2 mass dampening system. The latter provides reduced vibration to an operator. The aluminium guard and wheel pressure plates help to reduce weight. The water supply kit is assembled to the saw.

Product Attributes:
Recoil type started system
Circumferential Speed of 80m/s
Arbor of 25.4 mm
Engine Displacement of 81 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity of 1.1 L
Noise Sound Pressure of 109.6dB405 mm
6 hp power, 4.2 kW

Efficient engine cooling
Quick Start
Environmentally friendly

  • Improved decompression valve and metering spring for precise fuel regulation.
  • Start capacitor with start support function stores electrical energy resulting in significantly less pull start force.
  • On Off Choke operation switch on a single lever for operator convenience.
  • Five stage, foam paper nylon system with advance direction air flow provides cleaner air for better saw performance.
  • SLR Muffler recycles unburned fuel vapor for reduced scavenging losses and up to 15 percent improved fuel consumption.
  • Microchip controlled carburetor designed to compensate engine timing according to work load.
  • Cutting arm position simply changes from center position to flush outboard position allowing cuts directly adjacent to curb edges, wall or directly above the ground.
  • Cushioned operator grips with 4 vibration absorption rubber buffers for increased operator comfort.
  • Aluminum guard and wheel pressure plates to reduce weight.
  • 2 mass dampening system provide reduced vibration to operator.
  • Water supply kit is assembled to saw and can be used with garden hose, gravity tank or pressure tank.
Product Specifications


Circumferential Speed:
80 m/s
81 ml
Engine Power:
4.2 kW
Fuel Tank:
1.1 l
Maximum Cutting Depth:
147 mm
Overall length:
830 mm
Sound Power Level:
109.6 dBA
Sound Pressure Level:
100.3 dBA
Vibration Level Front Handle:
7.8 m/s2
Vibration Level Rear Handle:
6.1 m/s2
10.6 Kgs
Wheel Diameter:
405 mm